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1 question about trading:

“Small leverage, big capital. Big leverage, small capital. Is there any difference?”. Answer: “Small capital large trap and large capital small trap are the same in Volume -> Loss and Profit are equal. But different in Number of Timeframes to look and in Select Standard Entry To Enter. Big Traps must be Looked for. Multiple Frames (W1, D1,H4,M30,M5) -> 1 problem solves more variables, it’s more difficult.. Big Trap must choose Standard Entry, wrong entry is immediately burning beard -> 1 problem that cannot be solved. Small traps then Look for Few Frames (W1, D1) -> problems with fewer variables, easier comfortable. => Conclusion: Big capital small trap despite the same Profit and Loss with big and small capital trap. But big capital small trap Lower Risk, Easier to Win Market”. Trading real battle, is 2 problems. (1) Determine the standard Long or Short trend. (2) Capital management. Both must be enough to eat a sustainable market. The reason why many cells determine the standard trend and still eat sl all the time, is because the market before the pump will all fall to kill Long, before the dump will fly to kill Short. Should look at dc pump or dump without knowing how to manage capital and still eat bullets as usual.

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