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1 setting could be a “hole” for someone to unlock your iPhone while you’re sleeping

Imagine that one night when you were deep asleep, someone picked up your iPhone and had unrestricted access to all the data in it. Is it true that our (iPhone)( has a “hole” available for others to fool the facial recognition system? The answer is yes. Anyone who owns iPhones with Face ID knows that this is a feature that helps unlock the phone just by looking at it. TrueDepth camera captures accurate facial data by analyzing thousands of invisible points, then Face ID maps all curves and wrinkles, and stores this data as a key to unlock phone. Face ID also has the ability to automatically adjust to changes in your appearance, such as makeup, beard growth… if there is a more significant change in appearance (wearing a mask, shaving) it will ask you to enter your password before updating your face data. Apple has also stated that there is only a 1 in 1,000,000 chance that someone else’s face can unlock your iPhone. But what about your own face? We all know that Face ID won’t work if you close your eyes. But there is still a possibility that someone could bring the iPhone close to your face to unlock it while sleeping with just a quick intervention beforehand. Specifically, in Apple’s iOS operating systems, accessibility features are available for people who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, or have mobility impairments. These can include magnifying text, reading content on the screen, or AssistiveTouch (the virtual Home button) that helps you use your iPhone if you have trouble touching the screen or pressing buttons. And Face ID also has an accessibility feature for those who are blind or have low vision and with it you may not need to open your eyes to unlock the phone. To check, go to Settings > Accessibility > Require Attention for Face ID, there you’ll see Require Attention for Face ID ) is enabled by default. And if it’s turned off, the sad news is that someone could have turned on your iPhone while you were sleeping.



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