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1. What is Fud? Why FUD

– The field of Crypto was born with all the characteristics to be more suitable for “fear transmission” and make FUD syndrome more common. If FOMO causes prices to rise, FUD causes prices to fall. – How is FUD generated? In terms of size, the market capitalization of some cryptocurrencies is usually not large. Therefore, FUD is very often used by “sharks” to “undervalue” and “collect goods”. Also because of the small market size, it has brought opportunities for the forces to easily link together to create FUD and profit. – FUD is often spread to the community through major media channels and especially influential figures known as KOLs (CZ, Elonmusk…) – Their goal is to reduce buying demand to stabilize or depreciate the coin’s price. Basically, FUD can be compared to fake news or inflated news compared to reality, making it easy for “sharks” to collect coins cheaply. ALWAYS TO LEGALize PRICES. 2. Who will be the main beneficiaries of FUD? – It is easy to see that it is the KOLs or the sharks who are manipulating the market that will be the main beneficiaries of FUD. Even well-known investors, financial advisors or those who want to attract attention by predicting coin prices, contribute to this process of the market. They are often referred to as FUDer. 3. How investors can overcome the FUD effect in trading. – You cannot change the market factor, so you can only change yourself through the following important methods. 3.1 Capture and understand the investment market 3.2 Stop loss at the right time 3.3 Know how to manage capital effectively 3.4 Identify investment style – FUD effect is very dangerous in financial investment in particular and other fields in society in general. Recognizing and dealing with FUD is essential. Above is information about FUD. Hopefully with the methods to overcome FUD, you will have a stronger mentality in investing! – Investing in financial products always involves a lot of risks, so you need to consider carefully before coming to the final decision. Wish you wise and sober to make the right investment decisions!

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