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Technical analysis is formed from traders who have gone before. Through carrying signals, indicators, formed over time and repeated over and over, signs will gradually be formed. The forerunners learn and verify over a long period of time, the verification results in relatively standard signals and is called Technical Analysis. 2. Is the technical analysis correct? Technical analysis is always correct after the results are available. Why is ptkt always right after the price has passed? If always true, why do traders lose? Traders lose by market psychology, crowd psychology and individual psychology is 80%. The market is a battlefield of 3 factions, trading and house balancing. Whether you are on the buying or selling side you will be targeted. When you are at this range, you are in the resistance zone. You see it in the resistance zone here. Do you see other people also see? Well, the bullish signal crossed this zone and then entered Long. After that, countless people entered Long in that area leading to an imbalanced Long-Short ratio. The faction that is larger than that faction dies first (crowd effect) Then the chart just passed the resistance area, it went down and broke down. At this time, the order to liquidate, stick to stl, and psychologically break resistance will go down and again a loop of countless short people. Such a repeating circle. After balancing trading, the chart continues to run according to its plan. => PTKT chart gives the result Always the same as Textbook 3. WHEN APPLICATION The most standard technical chart is to apply to the long-term trend of SPORT Choose a buy and hold point and wait for the price to run in the right direction. FUTURES the PTKT masters no matter what size will always be stuck and liquidated. Rates vary based on their acumen and level. Technical analysis in Futures is necessary but the winning rate in my opinion is 20% PTKT – Observe the candles. 30% CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 30% Psychology 20% is Luck and Reflex! FUTURES Requires Perseverance, Mindfulness, Luck and Skill! The more deep technical analysis in Futures, the more likely you are to be afraid, change direction, and be threatened by the chart. Personally, I find FUTURES the most difficult in managing emotions and greed. I only learned 34 and 89 EMA charts, reversal candles, remaining skills about Fun, the crowd, when to follow the crowd and when to go against the crowd. Then you need to experience it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

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