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10 applications need to be deleted immediately from the phone lest you lose money unjustly, quickly damage the device

These seemingly innocuous applications on these phones are at risk of affecting privacy, money in bank accounts, life of the device, … Therefore, users should quickly delete applications. This. In a recent blog post, security researchers at Dr.Web warn Android users about a new spyware designed to steal sensitive information, bank accounts, and more. of the user and sent to the server. The new Android spyware called SpinOk, distributed as an advertising SDK, infects many apps on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 421 million times, the report said. “Through mini-games and daily rewards, SpinOk has attracted many people to download and install. However, the software will silently check the sensor data in the background (gyroscope, magnetometer) to confirm whether the device is running in a sandbox environment,” security company Dr. Web said. The software will perform malicious functions, including listing files in folders, searching for specific files, uploading files from the device, or copying and replacing clipboard contents. In particular, the file filtering function is very worrisome because it can expose users’ private pictures, videos and documents. Notably, the function of replacing content in the clipboard also allows the person behind the application to steal the user’s account password and credit card data, as well as appropriate money in the account. Dr. Web says the malware was found in 101 apps and downloaded more than 421 million times on Google Play. Here are the 10 most downloaded malicious apps that users should immediately remove from their phones: – Noizz: Video editor with music (100 million downloads) – Zapya: File Transfer, Share version 6.3. 3 to version 6.4, but removed in version 6.4.1 (100 million downloads) – VFly: Video editor and creator (50 million downloads) – MVBit: MV Video Status Maker (50 million downloads) million downloads) – Biugo: Video maker and editor (50 million downloads) – Crazy Drop: (10 million downloads) – Cashzine: Earn bounty (10 million downloads) – Novel Fizzo: Read offline (10 million downloads) – CashEM: Get rewarded (5 million downloads) – Tick: Watch to earn (5 million downloads) Most of the apps listed have been removed from Play by Google Store after receiving a report from Dr. Web. However, these applications will still exist on the user’s phone if they have been previously installed. Therefore, users should go to Settings > Apps and uninstall the apps on the list.

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