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10 small but ‘martial’ portable speakers

## **Despite the compact design, many portable speaker models are still appreciated for their long battery life, water resistance support, and high sound quality.** Portable speakers are indispensable accessories for those friends gathering. However, there are too many options in the market with different brands and prices that can make you confused when choosing. Here are 10 portable speakers that are highly appreciated for their compact design, good sound quality, and many smart features for groups of friends who like to listen to music. **Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen)** Bang & Olufsen’s portable speaker model has a compact appearance, aimed at people who like minimalism. The top of the product uses aluminum material, the bottom is made of anti-slip rubber. Compared to the previous generation, the sound quality of Beosound A1 (2nd Gen) is improved, especially when listening to music at high volume. According to *Rtings*, the tonal ranges are balanced so instruments and vocals are accurately reproduced, but the device still has trouble handling the ultra-low bass range. The B&O app on your smartphone helps you adjust the EQ on the speaker. The product supports IP67 water / dust resistance standard, the feature of connecting 2 speakers at the same time to create a stereo music playback system. However, the minus point of Beosound A1 (2nd Gen) lies in the not too high battery life. **JBL Pulse 5** Not only possessing good sound quality, JBL Pulse 5 is also suitable for decoration with surrounding LED lighting system, creating beautiful lighting effects to help you blend into the party space. . Pulse 5’s effect is more beautiful thanks to the LED light that is separated from the diaphragm into an independent part, allowing to customize the mode on the smartphone via the JBL Connect app. The device also supports IP67 water / dust resistance standard, up to 12 hours of battery life if set to medium volume. JBL Pulse 5 is equipped with an independent tweeter, with a passive resonant bass speaker to increase bass reproduction. The *CNET* page rates the Pulse 5’s sound quality as moderate, not too impressive compared to devices of the same price range. However, if you like lighting effects, this is still one of the options worth considering. **Sonos Roam** In addition to sound quality, the device is highly appreciated for its beautiful design, good build quality, diverse connectivity and support for smart home control. According to *Rtings*, Sonos Roam has good bass reproduction, balanced mid range, so it is quite suitable for listening to many different genres of music. However, the limited size makes the volume of the product not enough to serve large spaces. If you own Sonos’ speaker ecosystem, you can sync them with Roam to create a seamless entertainment system that supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. In addition, the IP67 water / dust resistance standard helps you comfortably carry the product for picnics and outdoor parties. **Bose SoundLink Flex** Compared with portable speakers in the same price range, SoundLink Flex focuses on the bass range. With PositionIQ technology, the device can automatically adjust the sound based on posture. When turning on the maximum volume, SoundLink Flex’s music is a bit harsh, the bass is no longer strong. The outer shell of the speaker uses soft silicone material, the mesh layer is made of powder-coated steel. The product has many colors such as black, white, blue or red for young personality. Users can connect 2 SoundLink Flex speakers together to create a stereo system, for a better experience at parties. The speaker’s battery gives up to 12 hours of use, supports charging by USB-C port. IP67 water / dust resistance is also a plus point of the product. **Marshall Willen** Possessing a classic Marshall design, the Willen portable speaker is appreciated for its decent bass and clear treble. The hardware inside the speaker includes a 2-inch driver, a 10 W amplifier and two passive resonant bass speakers. Willen’s battery life reaches up to 15 hours. The product also supports fast charging, with 3 hours of use after 20 minutes of charging. The Marshall app on your smartphone allows you to control the EQ on the speaker. In addition, the ability to connect multiple speakers at the same time helps you create a synchronized sound system in your home, making the fun more exciting. **Anker SoundCore Motion+** *Rtings* page rates this as one of the best cheap mid-range portable speaker models today. The product’s battery life can reach 15 hours, in addition to IPX7 water resistance suitable for poolside entertainment. Despite its compact size, SoundCore Motion+ still has good sound quality, suitable for listening to a variety of music, audio books and podcasts. The bass is solid, vocals and instruments are also quite clear. Of course, the small size makes it impossible for the product to produce excellent sound at high volume. The appearance of the speaker is also not as beautiful as other devices. However, if you just need a wireless speaker with all the essential features, SoundCore Motion+ is still an option worth considering. **Divoom Ditoo Plus** Not only a regular wireless speaker, Ditoo Plus is also a unique decorative accessory thanks to its antique computer simulation design, control buttons like a mechanical keyboard, and a lever to the right. adjust some functions. The device has a 256-pixel LED display, 16 million colors, and connects to a smartphone to display the time, emoji, animation or notification. The speaker also supports playing music via microSD card, charging by USB-C port, integrating some games for entertainment. Sound quality on Ditoo Plus is improved with 360-degree music playback, bass enhancement. The device has a 3,000 mAh battery for about 8 hours of listening time. **Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3** Ultimate Ears’ low-cost portable speaker is appreciated for its loud sound, long battery life and youthful design. The product is available in many colors such as black, pink, gray and blue. According to *WSJ*, Wonderboom 3 is equipped with 2 40mm drivers, 2 passive resonant bass speakers for balanced sound. The sound quality at maximum volume is not reduced much. The speaker’s battery life reaches up to 14 hours, suitable for extended picnics and parties. Around the speaker body is covered with fabric, large volume up and down buttons create accents in the design. IP67 water/dust resistance helps the device survive rain, or accidental drops in the pool. However, the minus point of the product is that the Micro-USB charging port is quite old, not USB-C. **Sony SRS-XB13** This is one of Sony’s most compact wireless speaker models. The device features a variety of personality colors, IP67 water / dust resistance standards with up to 16 hours of battery life. Belonging to the Extra Bass series, the SRS-XB13 offers good bass quality. However, according to *Rtings*, the limited size makes the device unable to “carry” the bass range too low. However, the plus point of the product lies in its beautiful design, detailed control buttons, USB-C charging port and the ability to connect a second speaker to create a stereo system. **JBL Go 3** Pocket-sized, water-resistant support, colorful personality are outstanding details on JBL’s cheap portable speaker model. Inside the speaker is equipped with a 1.5-inch full-range driver, a 4.2 W amplifier and a passive resonant bass speaker. According to WSJ, the sound quality of JBL Go 3 is at a good level, the volume is much larger than the small size of the product. Battery life is the minus point of JBL Go 3 with only about 5 hours of use. However, the USB-C charging port allows you to easily recharge the device with the common cable.



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