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One of the things that makes x accounts faster is thanks to narrative. Narrative sucks in cash flow and pushes the token price to fly faster. Here are 17 narratives from the start of the year so far and possibly the next bull season. ## 1/ #LSD Currently is the DeFi array with the largest TVL. It is quite certain that this segment will continue to grow in the coming years. $ETH stakers and PoS networks benefit from this trend Some hot projects like $RPL, $LBR, $TENET, $PENDLE, $LDO,… ## 2/ Omnichain Solve liquidity fragmentation DeFi. The more fragmented the liquidity, the harder it is to attract new users. Omnichain connects blockchains into one. Some notable projects: @LayerZero_Labs, @OmniFDN, @zetablockchain ## 3/ Dynamic NFTs dNFT is an NFT with smart contract that automatically changes properties based on external conditions. This is a huge narrative. Usecase can be applied from RWA, gamefi or music, art,… For example: dNFT in RWA go. Each house when built will be connected to a dNFT. That NFT will update the home’s age, market price, and overall condition continuously. Some outstanding projects: @artblocks_io, @AsyncArt, @rarible ## 4/ Modular Blockchains Current typical blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum) handle 3 things: – Consensus – Data availability – Make transactions Modular blockchain split 3 things above into modules instead of doing all on L1. Breaking up the work will make these networks easier to scale while not sacrificing security. Project: @celestiaOrg ## 5/ On-chain DAO The current DAO combines multiple platforms with independent data structures, treasury, user identity and management. The problem is that weak infrastructure and insufficient administrative rights make it difficult to access data. On-chain DAO leverages data blockchain to make an open-source, permissionless platform. This one is a bit confusing, see also ‘Solving DAO Data Problem’ by Messari. Project: @tallyxyx ## 6/ Derivative DeFi Oh this long short array is inevitable. Liquidity on DeFi has improved a lot, so these games are very hot on it now. Projects: @synthetix_io, @muxprotocol, @dYdX,… ## 7/ DeFi Bluechip Are giants in the DeFi industry Slow but steady. Eat and wear durable. These guys have a lot of advantages because they’re the first. The disadvantage is that they are not fast. $LDO, $AAVE, $CRV, $UNI, $MKR, $SNX, $COMP ## 8/ DEX Speaking of DeFi, it must be DEX. A place for people to trade assets on-chain. Looking for new DEXs, smooth user experience. $JOE, $CRV, $MAV Maverick,… ## 9/ Indexes We buy indexes that represent many different types of stocks. Time saving, low risk, low fees are the advantages of this niche. You want to invest in LSD, for example, instead of buying one by one, which is more difficult to manage, buy that index and you’re done. $AMKT, @NEX_Protocol, $INDEX ## 10/ #RWA Blockchain helps assets such as commodities, real estate,… access greater liquidity and transparency. $CPOOL, $CFG, $TRU,… a lot ## 11/ AA (Account Abstraction) WaaS (Wallet as a Service) Super strong Trend Now using a wallet, you have to remember your private key, you have to approve and then sign the transaction gas charges are sometimes low and sometimes high. These are not for the masses. Making a simple wallet like a banking app is called AA. WaaS is the technology of the wallet that helps to interact with other wallets via chat, interacting like a normal service on the street. ## 12/ zkEVM Private, secure, easy to scale -> zkEVM $MATIC, @zksync ## 13/ Privacy The government is working on this right now. Yesterday, Binance delisted some privacy tokens in Europe. Token privacy is simply understood as projects that use blockchain technology to erase transaction traces. Anyway, it’s still very cool technology for years to come. Sub-transaction privacy. Proof of Identity, zk-proof, optional-archiving,… @hoprnet, @aztecnetwork, @cantonnetwork, @oasisprotocol ## 14/ Insurance DeFi industry protection layer. The insurance industry in the United States accounts for 3.1% of GDP. In DeFi, it is accounting for 0.37% of TVL. There is still a lot of room for growth. @nexusmutual, @unslashedF, @cozyfinance ## 15/ Super Apps A good example in the traditional world is WeChat. What is available in the centralized world is also available in the decentralized world. Binance can also be considered a super app. Buy and sell, borrow, save, pay cards, social networks, sell NFT,… Which is centralized management. @uniswap @instadapp is expected to be the two best super app makers right now. ## 16/ ERC-6551 Allow NFT on Ethereum to transfer to wallet. Instead of using a dApp through a wallet, you can connect directly to NFT. Web2 users can now access Web3 faster via NFT instead of using a rather complicated wallet. This trend is brand new. ## 17/ GambleFi Cheating =) In general, in the centralized world, gambling is banned in many places. Then why not gamble in a decentralized environment? This trend is also quite risky, not a very durable style because it is gambling. @0xbets, @rollbitcom, @winrprotocol The above is a total of 17 major narratives currently available on the market. Besides, there are some other small trends that I did not write in. Which trend token are you holding? Comment below is it good?

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