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2 advantages that create outstanding advantages when working with Galaxy S23 Ultra

If you need a smartphone that can handle office tasks, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a good candidate. If you are a Gen Z just starting to work like me, choosing the best device for both entertainment and work will definitely be an important question. Smartphone – Laptop – Tablet are the options that come to mind first. But is it possible to encapsulate all 3 of these options into 1? After using the Galaxy S23 Ultra in place of both a laptop and a tablet for about 2 weeks, I believe I can achieve that goal. **How ​​to replace the laptop?** This part also depends on the specifics of the job. The place I work and at home already has a computer screen, the problem here is the need for a device to keep documents synchronously both at work and at home. This is where the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s DeX Mode feature comes into play. Just plug the cord into a smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra itself with its powerful configuration has turned into a computer by itself, the computer screen at work or at home is now just a device for you to work. just easier. In many cases, you can also use the Galaxy S23 Ultra as a touchpad and keyboard, but if you determine that you will be sitting for a long time, you need to find an additional set of keyboard and mouse. DeX Mode is very well optimized, the user interface is no different from the computer operating system, manipulating everything such as editing documents, surfing the web, answering emails is very easy. So now I don’t need to carry a laptop with me to work anymore, and also save the company a set of desktop PCs because the smartphone I often use is a powerful PC. This also helps my spine, as I don’t need to carry a heavy laptop backpack. **Replace a tablet for creative needs?** For those who work in the content creation industry, sketching out their ideas from the beginning is extremely important. So with tablets, manufacturers often include a pen to help support that need. Galaxy S23 Ultra also owns such an interesting pen. With the S Pen, you can pull it out at any time without feeling stuck. The machine’s large screen and S Pen form an excellent “combo”, which helps you draw diagrams, sketch your ideas in the blink of an eye without the need for a tablet. Maybe the specifics of your work will be different, so you still need a laptop with you. But for those who do office content creation like me, a smartphone like the Galaxy S23 Ultra is probably enough.



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