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2. Messenger has a serious error, all sent photos, videos and links disappear simultaneously

# **2. Messenger encountered a serious error, all sent photos, videos and links disappeared simultaneously** **Data including images, videos, files, links… sent in Messenger simultaneously “evaporated” “. The cause of the above situation and whether the sent data can “come back” is still a question mark for many users.** On the evening of May 4, a series of Messenger users in Vietnam discovered The images/files/links sent on this app are gone. Specifically, when users check the history of shared data including: images, videos, files, links … in the chat will not find anything in this section. However, some newly sent data including recently shared photos, videos, etc. is still in the chat frame. In particular, the old data in the files (Files) and links (Links) is completely lost. As noted, on both Android and iOS phones, this situation is encountered when logging in to the Messenger application. Besides, the cause of the error has not been determined yet. Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Messenger) has not yet commented on the matter. On the status page, the Meta side still shows that the application is still working properly. Earlier, Messenger also crashed its wide area connection and was unable to connect for about 30 minutes, but Meta did not provide more information about the problem. The loss of data sent in Messenger will cause a lot of damage to many users of this application because a lot of important information has not been backed up. As a result, many users are waiting for this bug to be fixed and the data to disappear again. This unusual error problem has never appeared in the Messenger chat application before. Since separating from Facebook to become a standalone application in 2014, the common error condition is a connection problem.



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