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2 secret weapon that helps iPhone 15 Pro prevail

## **The iPhone 15 series has many “secret weapons” that make high-end Android smartphones impossible to “beat”.** Currently, many rumors suggest that (iPhone)(https://www.24h. 15 Pro will have touch buttons to replace normal buttons. Now, a new report has revealed some additional details about this button – which could be a “weapon” that helps the iPhone surpass the best Android high-end phones in terms of battery life. Specifically, the source ShrimpApplePro said that users can activate the touch buttons when turning off the iPhone 15. All thanks to a new processor that replaces the current “Super Low Energy Mode” – Super Low Energy Mode. contained in the chip of the iPhone. This mode allows users to use Apple Pay or track Bluetooth Find My when the iPhone is powered off. What’s more, this new processor will use less power in the process – helping to increase the battery life of the iPhone 15 Pro. The buttons themselves will also be capable of sensing presses and holdings, and will be a version of Apple’s 3D Touch. **first. The touch buttons will provide more functions** Sources claim, the new button technology will come with a lot of features. One of them involves the old mute switch, which will also be replaced by a touch button. Expectedly, one of the features that will still be retained is to allow users to mute the phone with the push of a button. The iPhone is the only smartphone that still comes with a useful physical mute switch. Still, it’s always a good idea to integrate more features into the power button — especially since the iPhone 15 Pro can sense different pressures and combinations of button presses. Other details noted include: the speed at which the volume changes depending on how hard the button is pressed, and the ability to control the volume by sliding up or down the new volume sensor. The fact that the processor can still work when the phone is powered off suggests that users can still press the volume and power buttons to perform a factory reset on the phone. This change will bring a more enjoyable user experience. Especially how Apple can leverage the design change to its advantage. **2. Longer battery life** Extended battery life is what gets many people excited about the iPhone 15 Pro pair. All thanks to the A17 Bionic chip, which will be the first chip to be manufactured in the 3nm process. There are many factors that affect the battery life of a phone. If rumors are true, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the phones with the best battery life. In addition, the iPhone 15 series has other attractive features, including better sealing rings, resistant to water and dust ingress, and reduced wear and tear in the long run. The iPhone 15 series will launch later this year and we will continue to update the most important news about these “super products”.



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