Tuesday, October 3, 2023


* Is It the Year of Market Purification? * Why 99% of us enter the market only at a loss? 1.1 – Any market: stock, Crypto , real estate. Every downhill. It’s to get rid of people who don’t have a combat function. Eliminate those who are all in and borrow to invest. 1.2 – Get rid of the weak mentally… those who are not able to survive in the market…. the ones who stay calloused will be the bulls, the bears, the animals with the fighting function. fight in the future. Only then can the market survive and develop. Proof for the stock market, real estate, or 5 years ago Crypto bloodbath. But in the end… its stats still go up and grow over time. The value is getting higher and higher. 1.3 – Therefore, the collapse of Funds, Banks and sometimes an economic recession is a necessity. It is both selective and gives opportunities for the next generation to develop. 1.4 – Dow Theory shows that: Level 1 trend is the main trend (bullish momentum). The secondary trend is a necessary trend to correct the level 1 trend (correction). Only in this way will the level 1 trend develop more steadily. 1.5 – Over the past hundred years, the world has witnessed many crises from wars, epidemics, natural disasters, recession… but in the end, there are still more buildings, more cars and more vehicles. and more modern, human life is still getting better and better! 2. Why 99% of participants in the financial market lose money after a while? 2.1 – First, not enough knowledge and experience, so all actions follow the crowd to buy family, sell at the bottom in the short term, leading to losses. 2.2 – Second, quick words, lots of words. Anything that comes quickly will go quickly, and a lot of profit quickly means a great risk. In investing to be successful, there must be patience and cannot be rushed, every decision must be analyzed and evaluated carefully before coming to the final conclusion. 2.3 – Third, Borrow money to invest. The psychology of an investor who uses idle money and a borrower who borrows money is completely different: + Users of idle money invest without money pressure, so the psychology is very comfortable, no need to rush. Long term profitable success rate will be very high. + On the contrary, borrowers who borrow psychological money always want quick profits to repay loans soon and have profits for further investment, so they will be in a hurry since they cannot think carefully and make wrong decisions, leading to high interest rates. very high loss rate. So To make money from the stock market, coin, fx, you need to know why you lose, and do not violate the above reasons. Contrary to failure, you will succeed, if you do not lose, you will make a profit. Wishing you all soon achieve your investment goals.

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