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This post includes a few key notes about 27 projects that I feel good about for the next bull season. You can consult and discuss together. I also don’t know if the current Uptrend or not, where is the top, where is the bottom. So out of these 27, I will choose 5 of my favorites and play weekly. Every week, see which child dips, then dca baby. As for the individual view, 2023 is the entry year, that’s all. The following is a list of 27 projects: ## 1. Velodrome $VELO Velodrome 2.0 to launch in the first quarter of 2023 * Velo FED: veVELO holders have voting rights on monetary policies in the project * Adjustable currency used for transaction fees * Close access to a centralized liquidity pool * Full UI/UX upgrade * ## 2. Fantom Foundation $FTM * fUSD v2 * FVM: Compatible with Solidity, faster. 4500TPS, 98% reduction in data storage. Mainet is expected late 2023. * The Godfather is back ## 3. PlutusDAO $PLS * $PLS V2 tokenomic will be released at the end of March. Allows users to lock PLS to receive rewards. * Planning to integrate more governance tokens into the platform. PlsRDNT is the one to add soonest. ## 4. Optimism Foundation $OP * Bedrock Upgrade ## 5. Synapse $SYN * Building Ethereum-native optimistic rollup (synapse chain) * Cross-chain messaging * Cross-chain DApp with Synapse The Bridge ## 6. Pendle $PENDLE * TVL is growing strongly, yield is very high * Cross-chain to Arbitrum with GLP and will add gDAI and many more assets in the future. ## 7. Conic Finance $CNC * Recommend using Omnipool on Curve. ## 8. Polygon $MATIC * Polygon Supernet * Polygon Avail * Polygon Zero, Miden, zkEVM * Polygon Nightfall ## 9. Curve Finance $CRV * Largest Stablecoin Liquidity Hub On-chain * Coming Soon crvUSD ## 10. Lyra $LYRA * Newport Upgrade * DeFi Options is the fertile ground that Lyra will benefit from. ## 11. MakerDAO $MKR * Spark Protocol * EtherDAI ## 12. Aave @AAVE * Private stablecoin $GHO. ## **13. Filecoin $FIL** * Launch of FVM and FEVM ## 14. Kwenta $KWENTA * Strong user growth since V2 * Collaboration with Lyra * Cross margin v2 * Kwenta SDK * UI/UX ## 15. Uniswap $UNI * Mobile App coming soon. Mass Adoption soon. * Genuine top DEX ## 16. Gains Network $GNS * gTrade is currently one of the leading dex perp platforms. * There is no roadmap yet but there are many leaks on Discord. ## 17. Cosmos $ATOM * Interchain Security Upgrade ## 18. Camelot $GRAIL * More protocols integration * XGRAIL ## 19. DYdX $DYDX * On-chain v4 application launch, build with Comos SDK * No gas fee * Validator off-chain orderbook ## 20. Dopex $DPX * RDPX v2 * Dopex OpFi Products ## 21. Synthetix $SNX * Synthetix V3 * Use ETH and more as collateral for Synthetic assets * LP will choose which assets to allocate liquidity * Kwenta, Lyra, Thales build on Synthetix is ​​going strong ## 22. Frax Finance $FXS * FrxETH continues to grow because its yield staking is too competitive. * FIP-188 * FIP, veFPIS, FraxSwap, Fraxlend frxETH,… ## 23. Trader Joe $JOE * Cross-chain to BNB chain * Liquidity book V2 * Rage Trade ## 24. $GMX * V2 coming out this year now. Currently audited. More trading pairs, not just in crypto. * Cross-chain scaling capability will also be available in V2 ## 25. Rocket Pool $RPL Atlas Upgrade: * Withdrawal (after Shanghai Upgrade) * 8 ETH mini-pool. Reduce barriers for more users to join. Increase decentralization. * Optimized gas, 40% off * Expected to launch late March or April ## 26. Radiant Capital $RDNT In a few weeks V2 will be introduced: * Cross-chain scaling (starting with BNB Chain) * Add lending assets, stETH, BNB. Possibility to add GLP, gDAI. * Reduce $RDNT emission * Redesign UI/UX ## 27. Lido $LDO Lido V2: * Staking Route: increase decentralization. Anyone can become a node operator. * Withdrawal: stETH can be withdrawn directly from Beacon Chain after successful Shanghai Upgrade. Have you chosen any items to collect in this list yet? Comment to see if it matches =)))

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