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3 BOTs Must Know To Check Meme Coin Information

Below are 3 bots you need to install in Telegram, it groups you to quickly check lottery projects. Its task is to inform you about Buy Tax information: % fee when buying Buy Sell: % fee when selling >>>> very important, usually I will choose a child with a fee of 12% or less, sometimes You lose in this part when you cut your losses and there is another negative % when you sell. – Contract of the project. – Owner: The address of the Devs that created the contract. – Liquid: How much is the liquidity in a certain Dex account. – Holder: How many people are holding and the first 5-6 wallets are holding. – Marketcap: Current capitalization. >>> I like low low because it’s a lottery. – Liquidity: The total amount of liquidity it adds to the project. – Contract functions: This item quickly checks for you whether the contract has lines of Code at risk of Scam or not? >>> Green play, red quit. Then other items like about Poocoin fast things, you experience using it is clear. A small tip is that I add these 3 to my own group, I check very quickly, with 3 syntaxes. Bot 1: Honeypot.Is Bot Syntax: just paste Contract Bot 2:@CryptoFighterBot Syntax: /Cfs ( Contract ) Bot 3: SAFE Analyzer Bot Syntax: /Safe ( Contract ) As I shared before, is the Dexscreener page to check the amount of buying and selling things, but first you need to check some information and then go to that step, but go there and stick to the ones it cooks with your left hand to buy, right hand to sell. And there are many more steps to continue to check, this is currently the easiest and fastest filter, but it’s still not enough, if you find the post interesting, remember to like and share it for me, when I reach 30 shares, I’ll just continue – Tool check Next about Contracts. – Keywords Contract is important to check hand. – Tool to check if the project is self-trading or not? – Project announcement pages prepare list, new list…. – Check criteria about community, tool to check…

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