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300W super fast charger coming to users’ hands?

## **The latest report confirms that Redmi’s 300W fast charging technology is coming to consumers.** Due to the size of the smartphone, increasing the battery capacity is also not possible. Smartphone manufacturers are forced to develop super-fast charging technologies. About a month ago, Redmi had an introduction of 300W fast charging technology – too “terrible”. The company has released a video showing how the technology works. In it, a Redmi Note 12 Discovery with a 4,100W battery will fully charge in less than 5 minutes! When a video is uploaded, most people who watch the video think it’s just a concept. However, according to a source from China, Redmi has plans to mass produce them. At the moment, experts are still unclear where this 300W fast charging technology will land. The reason is that the (smartphone)( in the demo video is a custom build, the phone has not been mass-sold. Redmi has not yet announced specific smartphones that support 300W fast charging. In fact, the actual charging speed has never peaked at 300W, which is still the theoretical limit. From Redmi’s video, fast charging speeds usually hover around the 260W mark. However, the technology is still fast enough to surpass the current “World’s Fastest Charging Phone” – Realme GT3. The debate regarding fast charging speed is still going on. Do we really need such super-fast charging?



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