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4 types of malicious apps on Android that need to be removed immediately

# **4 types of Android malicious apps to remove now** **Beware of four types of unsafe apps that may be lurking on your phone. Accordingly, there are several warning signs that an Android app is highly risky.** Most of the apps you use every day are completely safe. But dangerous apps can infiltrate the Google Play store – or rival stores – with malicious intent. A phishing app can spy on you, hack your bank account, steal information and defraud you, or turn your device into a money machine for criminals – at a cost is the performance of battery life. Specifically, there are four types of alarmingly dangerous apps you need to remove from your Android device right away before you regret it. ## **App Type 1** Suppose you downloaded the app from somewhere other than Google Play. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve downloaded a fake app. But often malware on Android phones originates outside the official Play Store. Rival stores and app download sites aren’t checked by Google, so there’s no guarantee that what you’re installing is safe. Be very careful when downloading apps from anywhere other than the Play Store. And if you download an app from elsewhere, keep a close eye on its activities. ## **Application Type 2** The second type is an application that requires a lot of unnecessary permissions for it to work. Apps must get your permission to access sensitive parts of your phone. For example, to work properly, Uber needs your location, and Instagram requires camera access. But if an app appears to be using suspicious permissions, it could be a sign that you’re being spied on. You can go into Android’s privacy settings to see which apps have access to sensitive permissions. And you can block those suspicious apps from accessing unnecessary permissions at any time. ## **Application Type 3** The third type is an application that uses the internet or system resources even when idle. If an app is using a significant amount of data, slowing down your phone due to power-hungry or battery-draining activities, that’s a bad sign. It’s especially worrisome if it’s happening in the background and you can’t really figure out why. The app might be doing such kind of fraudulent activity in the background, making money for the crooks at your expense. You should consider removing apps that do this. ## **App Type 4** The last category is an app with no customer support or any way to contact the developer. Specifically, the type of app that has no clear means of contacting the creator. If an app intentionally hides its creator, that’s a warning sign. And if you can’t reach them, you need to ask why.



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