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42 tips to know when playing memes

1 / Does Pool Liquidity have a lock? If not locked, the possibility of it pooping on your head is yes 2 / Is there a blacklist? If blacklisted, the ability to buy and not sell. 3 / Does the dev team hold a lot? If you don’t know how to check, go to bubblemap , toss the contract in. 4 / Is there a tax? Tax high? If the tax is high, think again because the tax is too high, it takes x2 to break even 5 / Is there a honeyspot? It means that you can’t sell it if you buy it, this is using some smart contract check website to get out 6 / What project did the dev team do? How did the project perform? Is the push strong? 7 / If the project has been promoted, then the next project the community trusts and fomo is very enthusiastic. 8 / How to push this dev in the old project? let the people eat alone 9 or divide 5 – 5 6 – 4 7 – 3 8 – 2 . Looking for someone with a conscience to follow 9 / Who is the dev team? Playing with the rich, everyone likes, everyone believes. Look at PEPE vs DOGE as an example. 10/ Is the dev team Vietnamese? 11 / Being familiar with the dev team is the best, safest, the rest are all highrisk 12 /Playing meme x2 without the original latch….depending on investment taste but I usually lock the root when x2. 13 / Does Onchain have smart collection? Use nansen or watcherspro to check 14 / Is it crowded? If it’s not crowded, then fuck off, the meme will only be eaten by the large community 15 / Do people still continue to shill it? How many KOL shill? Everyone shill and still shill when the price is xnxx, there will be xnxx. 16 / The price just needs to be sideways and the meme is already xnxx, let alone the price of btc increasing by 17 / Usually when the meme is trending, that’s when the ETH chart is discharged. Because dev earns a lot of money 18 / knows how to use tools like cointool , safu , tokensniffer to check smc. 19 / To create 1 smc and token is easy to use web, it only takes 30 seconds. The day it gave birth to dozens of toys for the teachers to play, it was fine. 20 / How to add liquidity, whoever raises to 100E (for example) but only adds 50E, must consider personality 21 / Should have a private group. Some online call groups usually call in private first and then push it to public for you to push ^^ 22 / There is no free meal. Anyone who calls 5 to eat will have a contract of gasoline mixed in anyway …. 23 / There are tools to snip the newly created contracts, find out. If you want to enter from the beginning, there are only a few of them. 24 / If you want to match orders quickly, push the gas fee up with a lot of spread. 25 / If you take a big position, MEV with BOT will take you to the top of phanxipang 26 / Well check the chain’s volume on DeFilama, see which chain’s volume collapses, it could be a signal of money flowing out of system 27 / what also, ah yeah, 1 + 1 sometimes doesn’t equal 2 28 / Some public raisefund projects (meme), usually between receiving money and working hard like a dog for you to take profits or take money to travel On the calendar, they often choose to go on a trip 29 / When it has xnxx times since the dip but still has kol in and says it’s still high, the purpose is to tell you to keep it, don’t sell it ^^ or you guys can buy more go higher ^^ sounds good right? :)) There will be some cases like Pepe , Camelot , Doge . But that’s just ”SOME” 30 / Doing righteous deeds like us is very hard work, but making memes is easy but the money sucks. So let’s make a meme, say up to you, each has its own pain, but people like me are the hardest T_T (the least money) T_T so please like for me 31 / Gas fee is proportional to your battle level brothers . The higher the gas fee, the more it shows that you are still actively trading. Gas fee drops sharply is also when you let go of guns or travel 32 / Punching memes also has capital management, should not be all in but should be scattered. 33 / Make meme rich loz 34 / I’m not rich because I don’t make memes 35 / If you don’t understand it, it’s best to avoid it. There are very few bets that come in later and still get rich fast like DOGE or PEPE, really….. Like sanding for gold 36 / Technical analysis seems to be useless to memes. Except for the super giants 37 / If you find it interesting, please give me 1 like. Being a poor content creator sucks, my boss sees a lot of likes, my boss increases my salary, and I’m motivated ūüôĀ , so miserable. 38 / Before following any KOLS, one should look at the person’s profit margin for at least 2 weeks 39 / Any bets that have full logic, rigid, reasonable upside potential, the loss rate is high, yes. That’s it.. There are some brand new bets, but again, 40 / Usually when a new model is hot, they will copy that model to another chain. Success rate depends on cash flow and marketing. 41 / Only recommended punching chains that have money flowing in, punching lonely chains, no one will push them, there is no volume, dev is also a hottie 42 / When meme list binance, is the best time to liquidate. ~~

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