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My follow make profit is: Receive signal from the trader list I added in the bot – Execute the same order on BingX. You think it’s simple right? Actually, that’s all. I will give the actual follow-up that I did to make profit after I have fully followed the instructions above: 1. The trader I chose is: 0x7B7736a2C07C4332FfaD45a039d2117aE15e3f66 The selected time is that this wallet is profiting more than 50% of the account and has 96% win rate in more than 300 orders. In addition, an average of this trader’s order will be stuffed with 5-10 orders. So I divided my capital into 20 times, enough to follow all of this trader’s stuffed orders. 2. Add tracking bot to track this Trader’s signal whose entry history is usually early morning and evening, I can follow. 3. In addition to monitoring the signal, I take a closer look at DCA. This trader always DCA volume is lower than the first order and is on average 50% of the first order. 4. Copy and optimize Besides copying, I also observe and see that this trader’s behavior will often enter orders quite early and DCA a lot. At that time, the order PnL will be much negative before taking profit. And also often take profits low, trying to take profits is weaker than trying to lose. It can be concluded that this trader has a good grasp of the trend but is always ahead of the trend. So normally I will wait for this trader to go 2 DCAs before I start choosing it as an entry. And when the price reaches the correct entry of that trader, I gradually take profits. ____________________________ And above is all that I have been doing, as well as instructing my acquaintances to take money from the market. So far, they are all profitable about 10%-30% a month, depending on the trader they choose to track and their own strategy. Investment always comes with risks, you should accept the risk and come up with a safe way to manage capital to be able to go long term. As I will divide the capital into 20-30 times to ensure that the risk is not exceeded. But not allin completely follow anyone. Hopefully my article will help you have more perspectives, how to take advantage of onchain data, bots to optimize trading and money. If you find it useful, please give me a like, the motivation for me to share more with you about other tips or tools that I know. ! <3

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