Saturday, June 10, 2023
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5 days ago:

Wallet 0x35e3 collected 9M $ARB at an average price of 1.19$ (10.7M$) within 10 hours. Bought 4.27M $ARB with 5M $USDC over #1inch Received 4.75M $ARB from #Binance Currently holding 9.02M $ARB (~10.6 M$) Current: Whale This has continued to swap 500,000 USDT for 425,530 $ARB at a price of 1,175$ 13 hours ago. Currently, it holds a total of 11,033,743 $ARB (~$13.02M) and is ranked 94th in the list of top $ARB holders. The last few days $ARB wallet addresses are active again, but that doesn’t mean the price of hold1$ is safe for the price > where are you.

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