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5 hidden operations with the computer on iPhone that longtime users may not know

**iPhone is currently the leading smartphone with a lot of functions that the average user may not know all about.** Particularly the “Calculator” application on iPhone is not simply adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing because it also has other functions. hidden operations that many of us do not know, even after using the iPhone for many years. **Swipe to delete number** When using the calculator, we often enter the wrong number. Most people will just press the “C” key and re-enter the number, but in a hurry they can make the same mistake again. In fact, users only need to slide their finger left or right on the number column on the screen to delete the last number entered. **Scientific Calculator** Most people think that iPhone’s calculator is just a simple calculation tool, but in fact, it also has the functions of a scientific calculator to perform mathematical calculations. Advanced math operations like logarithms, square roots, and trigonometric functions. Just switch iPhone from portrait mode to landscape mode (automatic screen rotation is enabled) and users will discover this secret interface. **Numbers can be copied and pasted** When using an iPhone calculator to calculate results, users can actually press and hold the result directly, then paste it into another app to use application, so that users can solve their friends’ problems faster. **Copy the final result from Control Center** After calculating a number and forgetting the result, the user does not need to open the Calculator again, just swipe up from the bottom to open the Control Center (or swipe from the side notch). right down for iPhones with a notch), then hold down Calculator and the option “Copy calculation results” will appear. **Calculation is possible without turning on the Calculator** In addition to the search function, iOS’ Spotlight search system also integrates a calculator function, allowing users to directly enter numbers into the “Find” field. search” at the top of the screen to perform simple calculations without having to open the Calculator app. It is worth mentioning that Spotlight also has a currency conversion function, users just need to enter any number plus the currency, such as “300JPY”, the system will automatically return the currency of the area. set area.



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