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5 reasons to buy a MacBook Air M1 right now

## MACBOOK AIR M1 IS APPLE’S FIRST SUPER SLIM LAPTOP TO USE GENUINE APPLE SILICON M1 CHIP. This is a major breakthrough in Apple’s history because they have moved from Intel chips to separate ARM chips. Many users rate the MacBook Air M1 as a good laptop to buy right now for the following 5 reasons. ## LUXURY DESIGN WITH SUPER-CLICK SCREEN MacBook Air M1 2022 has a design that shows the elegance and sophistication of the MacBook line. This laptop has dimensions of 30.41 x 21.24 x 0.41-1.61 cm and weighs only 1.29 kg, very convenient to carry with you. In addition, the Retina screen of the MacBook Air M1 has a size of 13.3 inches, a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and supports True Tone technology. This parameter helps to deliver sharp and vivid images and automatically white balances according to the color of the space. ## BETTER APPLICATION COMPATIBILITY At the time of its launch, many users rated the MacBook Air M1 as bad because the new Apple M1 chip did not have much compatible software. Most applications are still compatible with Intel chips and must run through Apple’s Rosetta emulator. Applications on MacBook Air M1 now run faster, keep it cooler, save battery life, and take advantage of the flexibility of ARM Apple Silicon chips. Therefore, 2023 is an extremely suitable time for users to immediately own an ultra-thin, light and extremely powerful laptop from Apple. The appearance of more applications compatible with the M1 chip further improves the battery life of the Macbook Air M1 as the applications now no longer have to run through the heavy, resource-intensive Rosetta emulator. ## SALE PRICE IS MORE REASONABLE TIME OF LAUNCH Compared to when it was just launched, the current MacBook Air M1 has an extremely attractive price, only from 18.79 million VND (8GB RAM version, 256GB SSD version) . This is a very good price to own a highly appreciated ultra-thin and light laptop of the “Apple house”. Note: The above selling prices are for reference only and may change depending on promotions and market fluctuations. ## SHOULD BUY MACBOOK AIR M1 IN 2023? At the present time, users still rate the MacBook Air M1 very highly because it has outstanding performance, received new operating system updates from Apple, smooth compatible applications and quite “buffalo” battery life. satisfy users who want to own a laptop that is light, easy to carry everywhere but extremely powerful. ## IMPROVED BATTERY TIME One of the advantages of ARM chips is that they are more power efficient than Intel chips. Through reviews, the MacBook Air M1 can operate continuously for about 15 hours when surfing the web and 18 hours when watching videos. This is an impressive number for a thin and light laptop. However, at the present time, the number of applications that support the Apple M1 chip has increased. Most major software manufacturers such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google have software versions for the M1 chip on the Macbook Air M1. For applications that do not yet support this chip, the MacBook Air M1 still runs as well as Intel-powered laptops thanks to Apple’s built-in compiler. ## POWERFUL PROCESSING PERFORMANCE Apple’s M1 chip is designed on the 5nm process, including 8 CPU cores, 8 GPU cores and 16 Neural Engine cores. The MacBook Air M1 tests show that the machine can handle heavy tasks such as video editing, 3D rendering, and smooth and fast gaming. Therefore, the MacBook Air M1 surpasses most Windows laptops in the same segment and even some higher-end laptops.



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