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5 things to note when choosing to buy a cheap Gaming Phone

# **5 things to note when choosing to buy a cheap Gaming Phone** **If you often play games and aspire to own a phone that “fights” all games quickly, smoothly and sharp Please do not ignore the 5 notes when choosing to buy a cheap Gaming Phone below.** ## **1/ Powerful processing configuration** Configuration is the “key” when choosing any one. Any Gaming Phone model. A powerful configuration is the perfect combination of 3 factors: powerful chip, good graphics and large memory capacity. All to meet the needs of complex image processing and rich tasks when playing games. Bring smooth experience to players. The famous chips with the ability to handle heavy tasks are chosen by many smartphone giants such as: Qualcomm, MediaTek and Exynos. In addition, you should pay attention to choose a device with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB or more internal memory. ## **2/ Wide screen with high resolution and easy-to-handle design** The second factor that determines a cheap gaming phone with screen quality. The wide screen can display 100% of the content, virtual keys and is convenient for operations when playing games. The minimum resolution is full HD and the best is 2K, which promises to bring smooth experiences with sharp, true images. Besides, you should choose a model with a curved screen border design. It just gives a firm, sturdy grip, while limiting the need for hands while playing games. ## **3/ Large battery capacity, with fast charging technology** There is a feature that most mobile devices encounter, that is, the device heats up quickly when playing games. This will cause the battery to also drain quickly. So when choosing a gaming phone, you should choose a model with a battery capacity of 4500mAh or more and integrate fast charging technology to be able to ensure your gaming needs for a long time, saving money. time, increase machine life. ## **4/ Good heat dissipation system** For fast processing performance and smooth gameplay, the cooling system is one of the effective assistants of the gaming phone. When choosing a machine for gaming purposes, you need to pay attention to how the heat dissipation part of the machine is, how the performance is. In addition, you should also choose gaming phones that have a back that is a combination of metal and glass or just made of metal. With such a case design, the device will have a much better heat dissipation performance than using a glass case. ## **5/ Choose the right software** Some smart smartphone manufacturers soon realized the need to play games on the phones of “gamers”, since then, they created default features. to optimize game performance in the best way. Typical examples are Game Turbo of Mi 9, Game Launcher on Galaxy S10 or GPU Turbo with Honor 10. In addition to speeding up the game, these software also allow you to limit incoming notifications while you are playing games. so you’re 100% mentally focused on your game. This is a factor that you should keep in mind when choosing a gaming smartphone for yourself.



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