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5 types of items that use electricity even when not in use, a lot of people meet without knowing

Each item only costs a little more electricity, but when added together, each year you will lose a lot of money even if you don’t use it. There is a fact that not everyone knows that even when not in use, just plugging in the power outlet is enough for many devices in the house to start consuming electricity. The number may seem small, but when you add together a lot of electricity-intensive items, you can add a lot to your bill each year. If the new 3% increase in electricity prices has confused people, why not pay attention to the culprits causing electricity loss that have been present in this house? ## TV Despite pressing the off button on the remote, the actual TVs are still in standby mode and use a small amount of electricity during that time. The larger the TV size, the easier it is to consume electricity and according to experts, an average of about 24W per day. In particular, those who are using TV models that display paintings, animations or clocks in standby mode should consider turning them off if they do not want surprises in their electricity bills next month. Since the TV is an everyday item, the simplest way is to turn it off with the power button located on the edge of the TV instead of the remote, no need to unplug it completely. ## Digital Receiver Anyone who is using a digital player usually just turns off the TV with the remote without knowing that the digital player is still working as when the TV was on. The power consumption of this item is not much, only a few dozen Wh, but it is clearly still causing meaningless power consumption. When turning off the TV, please turn off the receiver as well. ## Chargers Sure, we all have the habit of plugging the charger into the power outlet for convenience, but the truth is that they always consume a certain amount of power. Especially with poor quality chargers because they also increase the risk of fire and damage during use. ## Computer A laptop or desktop computer with a monitor when plugged in continuously and not powered off is one of the biggest causes of power consumption in the home. On average, if not unplugged they can waste up to 100W of electricity per day. If only locking the device, leaving it in standby mode, the number will increase by 1.5 times or more. ## Devices with LED screens that are always on Many electrical appliances in the house, especially kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves, etc., can have an extra screen next to them, which is very convenient to use. But, if this screen is the type that is always on even when the machine is not in use, it also consumes a little more power. LED display technology is very energy efficient, but the internal control circuitry to maintain the information displayed on that screen can be quite the opposite. So, if you don’t need it, unplug it when you’re done using it. Whether used or not, just connecting to the power source is that most of the electrical appliances in the house will waste more or less energy. If you really want to save money in the long run, your family should make a habit of unplugging when not in use, especially when away from home because it can avoid unnecessary short-circuit and fire situations. You can use additional smart sockets for these devices that need to be unplugged. They are quite cheap but support large capacity, use Wifi to control, turn on and off timer and even monitor the amount of power consumed right on the phone very convenient. In addition, if you want to save even more electricity, change all the old light bulbs in your home to LED or smart LED lights. They have low power but high brightness, less heat, pleasant color. The smart type can control on and off, increase or decrease brightness, color, timer operation … quite good, both saving and changing at will when needed.



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