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(Part I) Hello everyone, Chip is still me – Researcher at HC Capital Are you lost when there are too many ways to approach & evaluate a project? Don’t know what insights after reading? After surveying everyone in the team and summarizing, I have filtered the 6 most chosen criteria and posted, helping you have more reference frames to evaluate projects more effectively! The article is divided into several parts will gradually increase for you! Are you ready yet? Go #Chip #HCCapital #ChiptheResearcher 1/ Current Trend (Trend) Trend is friend! The saying never goes out of date. The easiest way for you to judge if a project is worth holding is: Is this project in the current Trend or is Narratives hot? Another thing to note is that you have to really evaluate if it can really work or just let the hashtag suck money from the trend, but the trend has not yet seen the product? The casestudy from DeFi Summer 2020 with GameFi 2021 is still there, now my children have not released the game =))) This way you play in Uptrend the most effectively, I have x quite a lot of GameFi 2021, every time I have the word Game, I pick up an umbrella. then enter the market?? 2/ Products If you don’t see a project in trend but its product really stands out in thousands of projects in the same industry, then this is a powerful Greenflag! To do this, you need to read a lot of projects and really understand both the project and the field! Once you have acquired the knowledge, you will start to compare and make a decision here. Casestudy is #GMX among thousands of Long Short projects on the market, then it emerges with a Real Yield mechanism sustainable rewards for users who hold tokens => strong intrinsic value, so the price increase is understandable Another way to play is to study how important its product is in the market, if it loses its product. Where will this product go, will it be affected? It can be mentioned that important areas such as Oracle, #Chainlink topped the table, DeFi, #Ethereum is the boss, if you can imagine these two, what will the market be like? This way of thinking will help you eat slowly but surely because their capitalization is not huge! 3/ Investors and partners (Backers & Investors) The mistake of many people is to look at the first Backers tab when looking at the project, seeing Tier 1 2 investing in is auto scoop? How calm! First of all, you need to have a different mindset, let’s research google together to see if it’s an investment, or the project is self-made to beautify the website and then publish it. Next is to see the investment fund in which round, the amount of capital, depending on the extent to which you make comments on the style of play! For example, If that Backers is invested in the Seed round, the capital is very large, but after TGE 6 months is paid, you should only play before paying the token, otherwise, you will fall until the selling force is gone, then you will continue to play. ! Or if the Fund invests in a lot of projects, it certainly can’t discharge at the price x about ten times Seed, it has to push x really big to have Liquid and Volume to discharge! This has a lot to do with tokenomics, I’ll leave it for Part II, stay tuned! The Lead Investors project will have more say, so please check what the style of that fund is! This is sure that Chip will make a separate article for you to classify Tier 1 2 3 funds and the style of each fund, if you are excited, I will do it =))) The above are 3/6 criteria when evaluating a project by ae Research HC voted the most! If you have any questions, please comment below and I will answer! If you see rolls, don’t be afraid to Like & Share to motivate me to make part II for you

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