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6 new products could be launched by Apple this year

# **6 new products could be released by Apple this year** **Apple never discusses new products before they are officially introduced. However, the habit of launching several products at the same time every year helps people make certain predictions.** According to* CNET*, this year, in addition to products like the iPhone 15 series or MacBook Air, Apple could also unveil a brand new device that is the long-rumored virtual reality headset. ## **iPhone 15 series** Apple usually launches new iPhones in September and this year nothing will change. One of the most important improvements on the iPhone 15 series will be the switch from the Lightning to USB-C charging port to meet new European Union (EU) regulations. However, it remains unclear whether Apple will switch to USB-C across the entire iPhone 15 series or if it simply created an EU-specific model. Another improvement that could come is the appearance of Dynamic Island on the regular iPhone 15 models. To differentiate the high-end models from the regular ones, Apple is expected to bring them features like a new periscope camera, better optical zoom, and solid-state buttons. ## **Mixed Reality Glasses** According to Bloomberg, this long-awaited Apple device could finally launch in June, marking Apple’s first big move into a new category of products. since the Apple Watch. The glasses are expected to incorporate elements of augmented reality, placing digital graphics on a real-world environment similar to the *Pokemon Go* smartphone game. The problem is that the glasses won’t be cheap, can go up to $3,000 and run on a new kind of software, essentially a 3D version of the iPhone’s interface. The report also says the product could come with the Apple M2 chip, which is found in the current MacBook lineup. Tech giants like Meta, Sony or Microsoft have all tried their hand at VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality), but it is possible that Apple’s first product can help popularize the technology. this technology when looking at the long history of the company. ## **Apple Watch Series 9** Apple usually releases new Apple Watch models along with new iPhones in the fall. However, the improvements on the watch are not too significant compared to its predecessor. Specific features are not yet known, but it is likely that the watch will include periodic updates such as performance improvements rather than new health monitoring features. This is in line with what Apple is pursuing today. Aside from the addition of temperature sensors and auto accident detection, the Apple Watch Series 8 is very similar to the Series 7. Hopefully the watch will also inherit some of the features of the Apple Watch Ultra, but it’s unclear whether the models will be. Will the Apple Watch SE and Ultra get an update this year? ## **new iMac** Fans of Apple’s colorful all-in-one can look forward to the company’s next iMac while it’s in advanced development, meaning it could be out in the second half of this year. This computer is expected to come with an M3 chip, a step up from the M2 chip found on the current MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The product will have the same 24-inch screen as the 2021 version, including colors, as well as make some internal component changes.



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