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7 signs your iPhone might be being tracked

Fast battery drain or the appearance of applications, strange messages can be signs that iPhone is being tracked. **Apple ID compromised** Apple ID is the highest administrative account on the iPhone, also an important “key” every hacker wants to have. If a user has ever received an email saying that their Apple ID has been signed in on an unknown device, a password has just been changed, some files, messages suddenly disappeared, or unusual service payments, it is likely someone else is using the same account. However, Apple’s security capabilities are enough to help users restore administrative rights. In case of inaccessibility, a tool provided by Apple can be used to recover Apple ID. Experts recommend users to set strong passwords (complex combination of lowercase, uppercase, special characters and numbers), enable two-factor authentication. **Strange devices in the family group or Find My application** Family Sharing and the Find My lost device search feature are two methods that crooks often use to gain access to the device. user’s Apple device. In particular, Family Sharing is used to share subscription packages, app purchases, photos, location sharing, work schedules … in a family member group without sharing an Apple ID. Users need to regularly check the group for any new members. The Find My feature is similar when it contains all devices registered to the same Apple ID. If any of these devices are not owned by the account holder, remove and update the password immediately. **Microphone and camera access is compromised** When making a call, the ambient sound captured through the microphone sounds like interference due to poor signal quality. However, this also carries the risk that the iPhone has been installed with spyware. There are some spyware on the market to record calls, but they also sometimes make unusual sounds, which can be heard during conversations. For example, users hear beeps, small voices of strangers can be signs that software has been installed. With some spy apps, the camera can automatically be activated, take a picture of its surroundings and send it to a server or other device. However, experts say that spyware on iPhones is quite easy to detect when it asks for special permissions that are outside the features of the program they pretend to be. For example, software that takes notes but requires camera access, or a map application that wants to interfere with the microphone… Users should immediately delete these programs from the device. **The device runs out of battery quickly** The phone tracking application often runs in the background continuously on the iPhone without the user knowing. If you notice that your phone often runs out of battery abnormally quickly even without updating to a new operating system or using it a lot, you should check the device carefully because spyware may be the cause. There are many other reasons why iPhone battery drains faster than usual such as using software too often, phone battery is old or bottle. The thing to be concerned about, however, is the unusual power consumption. The machine becoming hotter under normal operating conditions is also a factor to consider. Malware, spyware when installed and operating on the machine often cause the device to heat up faster, hotter. **Random reboot or shutdown** Spyware affects the machine in different ways. If the screen suddenly becomes inoperable, the application opens slowly, automatically changes settings on startup, or randomly shuts down or restarts, etc. are all signs that a malicious program is operating illegally. permission on the machine. Under normal use conditions and the device does not malfunction, iPhone cannot restart by itself. Poor quality spyware programs will cause the machine to behave abnormally like unintentional shutdown. To remove it completely, it is recommended to restore the device to its original state (Factory Reset). **Receiving strange messages** Receiving text messages from strange people or numbers is not a rare thing when using a phone. This content is usually harmless if the user ignores it or deletes it instead of following the instructions in the message. However, if you receive a lot of strange messages containing programming-like code, it will be an anomaly. Fraudsters often send messages containing codes to check the operating status of the spyware application installed on the victim’s computer. ** Strange browsing history, suspicious applications appear** Users are advised to control and know the installed software on their device, as well as understand their web browser usage history as a measure check for anomalies on the phone. If you have a strange application on your device or don’t know how to use it, or a history of accessing some strange websites, your phone may have been compromised. An unusual application on the device can be secretly installed to monitor the device owner’s phone usage behavior. Therefore, it is recommended to remove this program and further check the data access rights of other suspicious software.



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