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8 ways to check if the iPhone screen has been replaced

## The screen is the most obvious place to show the damage of the device, if you do not know how to check the iPhone screen or it has been replaced, the following article will give you tips. Not all customers can choose to buy high-end, luxury and high-demand devices (iPhone) ( They choose to buy used equipment or previous models to satisfy certain needs. However, many iPhones appearing on the Vietnamese market are much cheaper than the market. Because of the increasing nature of old products and more value, many stores have taken advantage of the trick of replacing old screens, poor quality goods to sell to customers that they need to understand how to use. detect iPhone screen has been replaced. Therefore, you need to know that the iPhone screen has been replaced to help you be more careful when choosing to buy an old device and not disrupt your usage experience in the long run. Here’s how to tell if your iPhone has a screen replacement **Read About Information** The first way to tell if your iPhone has a screen replacement is by looking at the About section of your device’s Settings app. Simple step just go into Settings => General => About. At the bottom you will see the item Warranty Package and click on it, if it appears “Important Screen Notice” and it says “Unable to verify that this iPhone has a genuine Apple display”, then there is a high chance that your phone has been replaced. **Drips of water** You can tell if your iPhone has a screen replacement by dripping water onto your phone’s screen. If the drop of water is concentrated in one point, your screen has never been replaced. On the contrary, if the drop of water pops up in many places but does not gather in one place, it means that your phone has been replaced. ** Observe the contact between the screen and the body ** To know if the iPhone has replaced the screen or not, you can detect through some obvious signs on the body part. Take a look at the screen border, if the glued parts on the outside such as on the camera hole or screen border, the assembly does not fit the edge of the device. If the glue is open, warped and the edges are not equal, it is possible that your device has been replaced with a screen before. If your screen and body don’t show any signs of leak and fit perfectly to the bezel, your screen has never been replaced. **Use adhesive tape to check** To know if the iPhone screen has been replaced or not, you can stick the tape on the screen and then peel it off. If you have to peel it off with difficulty, it may be because the screen has been replaced and the screen glue is left on top, combined with the new tape will make the tape stick even harder, harder to remove. **Display Function Recognition: Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness** First, you can test your iPhone screen under sunlight (external light or flashlight) . Use light to shine on the screen and appear a red glow, indicating that your iPhone has been replaced and is of poor quality. Therefore, the original screen will not appear any color spots when illuminated. Besides, try to increase the brightness to the highest level, the genuine iPhone screen will display fresh color images, good viewing angles, no flickering or color fading…You can check the detail when Tilt the device over a large angle to distinguish detailed images. The way to know that the iPhone has changed the screen will depend on the contrast, if the image is extremely sharp, the viewing angle is wide, it is a zin screen. Conversely, poor-quality screens will not display enough wide-angle and limited viewing angles. In addition, touching the screen with splashes of color indicates that your device is using a batch screen. **Checking through the sim slot** The removal of screws also has an important effect on usage and helps you to see if the phone has ever been unscrewed. The best way to know that the iPhone has changed the screen is to increase the brightness to the highest level by manipulating the screen to light up. Then, open the sim tray to check if the sim slot of the device is light or not. If there is a leak, your device has been replaced with a non-genuine screen. **Press the screen to see if it sinks** Regarding the iPhone screen with glue, the fact that you try pressing the iPhone screen with the feeling of sinking down also helps you identify your device screen has been replaced before. In addition, you can use your hand to swipe and touch the iPhone screen or the Home button, if you feel the slight ripples, the phone screen has not been replaced. If the press feels much firmer, smoother, and firmer, then the phone’s screen has been replaced. **Check for dead spots, light gaps, color casts** Some ways to tell if your iPhone has had a screen replacement by checking for dead spots, light gaps and chroma, you may want to check for yourself test it for sure. With dead pixels and bright gaps, you can load photos and view them in full screen (preferably black and white images). In more detail, you can download images with RGB colors to recognize the color display of the iPhone. When the iPhone screen laminated glass is uncertain and of poor quality, gaps will often appear, depending on the extent of the leak more or less as well as on the skills of highly qualified technical staff. . Genuine standard zin screens will usually not have color spills or unusual bruises around the screen. Above are 8 ways for you to check if the iPhone screen has been replaced, wish you success with these methods.



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