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A large amount of purple iPhone 14 Pro Max with original seal has paint peeling problem

# ** Large amount of purple iPhone 14 Pro Max with original seal with paint peeling error ** **Although the seal is still intact, many purple iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max in Vietnam market have encountered paint peeling errors on the back.** According to a representative of Apple’s authorized retail chains (AAR) in Vietnam, in recent months, a significant number of purple iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max have been recorded with cosmetic defects. such as peeling paint, scratches on edges and even scratches on the screen. In which, most of the cases are cases of devices with paint peeling errors on the back. “There are months when the chain encounters up to 20-30 devices with cosmetic defects, most of them are purple iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max. All are new machines with original seals. When encountering this error, dealers will have to handle it themselves according to the policy. **Apple, Apple’s suppliers or service centers in Vietnam are not responsible for products with cosmetic defects”, a representative of an anonymous retail chain shared. This taste also said that the hand feel in these error areas did not have scratches or dents. Initial assessment shows that the paint peeling area is located below the back glass. Although it does not affect the quality of the product, this is an unnecessary aesthetic error and it is rare for customers to accept a product with this type of error. Usually, the defective products, the chain will handle by selling internally to the employees of the enterprise at a cheaper price. The chain may also sell to third parties in bulk so that the group brings to the market second-hand machines rather than selling these products directly to customers. For all technology products, not just the iPhone, form errors can occur. Therefore, the stores have a policy of renewing defective products for customers when unboxing at the store. A representative of another AAR with a large market share said that currently the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max at the chain has not encountered the error of peeling paint into a yellow streak on the back, but other aesthetic errors such as scratches on the back and edges have also been recorded. . For minor cosmetic defects, the chain will reduce the price when selling to customers.



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