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A new transaction type of ETH and 10X reduced layer 2 fees.

TL;DR 1. Layer 2 is not working optimally 1. EIP4844 reduces gas charges by at least 10 times on layer 2 1. Example of how EIP4844 works 1. West feathers are bullish on OP Rollup! Narrative is under construction Layer 2 reduces fees by taking data out-of-chain for checking, then trimming redundant information, sending only necessary things to Layer 1 for confirmation.(Data Avaibility)( )( mentioned above, the L2 data sent up must also be synchronized by the nodes, making storage expensive and unnecessary Expensive => 90% of the transaction fee on Layer 2 is used to store data on Layer 1 Not needed => that data only needs to exist for a short time for Layer 1 to confirm that it is valid ( double check ) Stop. But even doing so is still expensive as Layer 1 hot meme EIP 4844 provides a solution by creating a new data type called ‘Blob Data’ **” Write something you don’t understand nothing ” ” Complex technology vail ** ” ” What is it??? ‘** Ethereum is like GTA V – role playing game. The Smart Contracts are each character. As each character performs tasks, even the smallest actions are checked and recorded throughout the network. This anti-hacking mechanism is very safe, but it consumes space and costs to store. What is EIP-4844 ( Proto – DankSharding )? Because of the ‘everything is recorded’ nature of Blockchain. Proto-Danksharding creates short-lived data boxes to store single-use data types. This makes the game less burdensome , runs faster and Layer 2 is cheaper This design currently supports layer 2 and paves the way for full sharding of Ethereum in the future . Where the fee will be reduced by 30-100 times again! ( 3rd, 4th quarter of 2025 ) Why blob data makes rollup cheaper. In GTA V, Rollup is like a group of people with the same mission, will appoint one person to perform the task for the whole group, the group will gather equipment for this person to become the strongest and perform the task. Easiest and saves the cost of hosting each activity. To make sure people don’t cheat, they need to leave a record of what they did, which is a data blob. Is it okay for the data to be deleted? After a while, when everyone in the game has checked and made sure there is no cheating, the ‘data box’ can be deleted. Increase free space and keep the game from being overloaded ūüėČ EIP – 4488 4488 is also a pretty good suggestion that can reduce calldata charges by 5 times, by increasing capacity and optimizing data storage . This will help reduce the gas cost of layers 2 again if both of these proposals are successful ^^

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