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A phrase Apple avoids mentioning

# **The phrase Apple avoids mentioning** **Apple’s presentations are in stark contrast to Microsoft, Google – tech giants that focus their development on generative AI like Bard, Bing .** Despite launching impressive products such as Apple Silicon Mac Pro and the Apple Vision Pro, the WWDC 2023 event lacks the keyword “artificial intelligence” (AI). Throughout the event, Apple did not mention the phrase artificial intelligence, completely different from rivals Microsoft or Google who are focusing on developing AI technology. ## Keywords are more important than AI Although AI is a keyword that many people are interested in, what Apple wants to emphasize at its event is machine learning technology. For example, when demoing iOS 17, VP of software engineering Craig Federighi mentioned machine learning to improve autocorrect and voice commands. “The autocorrect feature works thanks to the machine learning technology that is available on the device and we will improve it year by year. The phone’s keyboard has now been improved to a transformer language model, capable of superior word guessing, making autocorrect more accurate than ever,” he affirmed. According to *Ars Technica*, the term “transformer” mentioned by Apple is an AI model using the transformer architecture – the foundation behind many famous artificial intelligence tools such as DALL-E or ChatGPT. As a deep learning model introduced in 2017, Transformer is mainly used in the fields of natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV). It is capable of handling multiple information sources at the same time, helping to increase work efficiency and perform complex language processing tasks such as translation, summarization, and question answering. At the event, Apple said that it has integrated a new transformer model into iOS 17 to increase the accuracy of the autocorrect feature, not only correcting words but also correcting sentences. The model can also learn the user’s style to produce suitable output. ## Apple’s True Purpose According to *Ars Technica*, integrating these AI technologies into devices is very simple for Apple because Apple Silicon processors are equipped with Neural Engine artificial intelligence technology. with machine learning applications. The company said that the voice command ability has been added with a voice recognition model based on the transformer architecture, improving the Neural Engine to increase accuracy. During the WWDC 2023 event, Apple also repeatedly mentioned the keyword “machine learning” such as when introducing the new iPad lock screen, iPadOS PDF feature, AirPods Adaptive Audio and Smart Stack on Apple Watch. Apple also launched a new application called Journal, which allows users to write a diary with text, sound, then lock and encrypt on iPhone. This feature also has AI intervention but was not mentioned by the company. “Using machine learning technology, iPhone can generate personalized recommendations tailored to the user. These recommendations are based on information contained on your iPhone such as your photos, location, music, etc.,” Apple said at the event. To the demo of the Apple Vision Pro glasses, Apple revealed that the 3D replicas that appear in front of the user’s eyes are simulated by scanning the face. “Based on the latest machine learning technology combined with the internal image sensors, the system will use the encoding and decoding neural network to create a digital copy of the user,” the company said. confirmed technology. Not only that, the Apple Silicon M2 Ultra chip – which supports up to 192 GB of Unified Memory – just introduced at the event was also impressive. It was originally designed to be compatible with machine learning technology. The technology company says that the chip’s power is very suitable for “training transformer large language models” that current GPUs cannot do because of insufficient memory. Many AI experts are excited about this upgrade of Apple. Computer systems researcher Perry E. Metzger wrote on his personal Twitter: “Apple Silicon’s use of a unified memory structure shows that from now on Mac computers will be great machines to run large AI models. and artificial intelligence research. There are very few systems that can support 129 GB of RAM for the GPU like the M2 Ultra chip.”



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