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A precious lesson for newbies

1. **A few words of confidence** 1. **Sharing lessons from both tradition and Crypto** 1. **Preparatory luggage when entering the market for Newbie ** **1. A few words of confidence ** * The first is certainly not money, because simply you invest in anything you need to have money and it will come with risks. But here in investment, I only accept to lose the amount I need to lose (Maybe it’s your idle money, the amount that you can accept to lose so that when you fail, you still have experience and not discouraged ) * I’m sure everyone here who enters the market now also loses a lot: Not losing because of scam, losing because of fomo, losing because of memes, losing because of swinging,…etc. But this way forever, my money is completely focused on the Shill KOLs. What I always remind my friends and brothers, if you want to invest in this market, you should learn more. Learning never disappoints us, At least when you have enough knowledge to fight, then play whatever you want to know **“Which is a Scam bet, which is a chicken raft”**:))) * I have a lot of brothers who ask for a bet, even if they ask me to buy any coin, tell them, I will definitely say it straight, because it’s simple if **” If you win, you will remember a lot, if you lose, you remember You take my chickens”. **That’s why I don’t give it, I’m a Tip who doesn’t want money to lose brotherly affection, so it’s your money from your manager. 2. ** Sharing lessons from both tradition and Crypto ** * Surely you have heard about Phan Cong Khanh Scam in the car sale case, as Duy Manh once said to do charity for the sake of the heart. , but doing charity after polishing your name and then playing cat games with other people, is it any different from scamming Vietnamese people? * In the Crypto market, we also have some KOLs** (here I don’t grab all the chopsticks, but some people)** polish the name, take this event, present it enough type. Having faith in the community, then tell me to buy this Coin, that Coin. Then they dumped it on your head while you have no experience and don’t know why the price dumped like that. Then finally asked them, they dumbfoundedly said that they died like brothers and then pla pla yes yes and clouds. (Many meme bets it let you play, I don’t know what the project is about, what is the benefit, Shill you guys, then slowly push the price to the fomo brothers and then withdraw it from the Pool, then you sit idle. I don’t know anything ) -** Remember that Meme should only be for speculation => easy to understand is a Ponzi model ** **Lesson learned: **Before investing in any market, you must learn it carefully , learn a lot to know what the project is about, what the future holds, what benefits for the User so that people can pour money into it because of its potential. And every market has thousands of traditional Scams, let alone in our Crypto market. **(No Learn, No Earn)** **3. Preparation when entering the market for Newbie ** * Before starting, I think you should learn through books like: Set of 3 books for Newbie ( ?fbclid=IwAR1C9CS8F2evV9D0G32tM1A7TLH4IYKvikIPx4hWCnsv–2l2TH6Nf34l30)( Nf34l30) ) * Watch your country’s Youtube channels to share knowledge about Defi: ( (https: // ) + ( ( ) + ( ( ) * Watch Groups If you are big, reputable big Kols and big Youtube channels are talking about Trend, then find out why that Trend is interested by the community, know a lot of knowledge, you also know money making experience. * Watching friends in the Group share knowledge about On-Chain – Defi – about Tokenomic in-depth, you can check out bro Huynh Khanh Long’s channel for a good analysis of Tokenomic for him to improve. * View daily crypto news for updates: Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Bloomberg, The Block | VN then Coin68 – Coin98,…VV * Always improve your knowledge, learn and ask the questions you need to ask in everyone around because asking doesn’t cost money, sometimes lowering the ego also gains that knowledge. ! **Conclusion ** * These are my basic knowledge when I entered this market before, so I want to share with some Newbie brothers before entering this market, it is true that every person entering the market This school all have different roads and stages, so they will have their own views! It takes a lot of rice, so I have a few lines to share here. I hope you have more experience in this market and have a nice weekend, Tks!!!

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