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A series of Samsung phones in Vietnam turned into bricks

# **A series of Samsung phones in Vietnam turned into bricks** **Collected lunar calendar data with the system, many Samsung smartphones in Vietnam fell into Recovery mode, not working.** Batch Samsung Galaxy phones in Vietnam suddenly fell into Recovery mode (recovery), unable to boot, perform features. Many users experienced a similar situation in May 2020. Specifically, in the morning of March 22, a series of Samsung phones of users in Vietnam encountered errors. The device suddenly rebooted on its own, went into recovery mode, and became inoperable. Even if the user tries to reset the device, opening the functions provided, the device does not respond. Mr. Tram Minh Huy, a mobile software technician, has many years of repairing Samsung phones, said that this morning, many customers sent their phones, asking for support and fixing the problem of Recovery. “The treatment is not too complicated for professionals. Service parties charge a repair fee of 30,000-50,000 VND per device”, Mr. Huy shared with *Zing* Two years ago, a series of Samsung Galaxy devices in Vietnam, mainly A and J series, also had similar problems. This is a system software conflict error, not related to device hardware. Specifically, 2020 is also a year with a leap month according to the lunar calendar. On May 23, 2020 (aimed at the 1st of the month). 4 leap lunar calendar), the device had a system logic conflict, leading to Recovery crashes.Samsung Vietnam confirmed this issue and provided a patch months before. Today is on the 1st of February leap in the lunar year. Mr. Tram Minh Huy thinks the cause of this problem is the same as two years ago. Currently, the old Galaxy J, A models Even the Galaxy S, Note devices also have problems, with a smaller number. According to Mr. Huy, users who have problems can try to apply the following method to save the device from Recovery mode.* *Step 1:** At the “CORE” screen recovery mode”, select Retry and wait for the black screen to appear. **Step 2: **Use another phone to call the faulty device. Users must take a call to keep the screen on, or swipe up from the bottom to enter the messaging app. **Step 3: **Users access Settings by swiping down from the top of the screen. **Step 4:** Connect to Wi-Fi and update the software for the device. Also, keep the screen on at all times. When completing the 4 steps, the device has been updated with the patch and exited the Recovery section. In addition, Mr. Huy said customers can connect to the computer and run the original software again through the Odin toolkit. However, this method involves many steps, requiring technical understanding to perform correctly. “Actually, these methods are quite difficult to do for amateurs. If users are not confident, they should look to workers and technicians at mobile stores for support,” Huy shared. In April 2022, the iPhone series in Vietnam also turned into a “brick” when Apple’s server encountered an error and stopped working. New machine, or after Reset will not be able to activate, standing on the standby screen because Apple’s server has a problem.



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