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A strange way of translating Apple in Vietnam

# ** Strange way of translating Apple in Vietnam ** **In advertising publications or device information, Apple Vietnam uses a stereotyped translation from English, making it difficult for users to understand, but also may arouse curiosity.** After Apple’s online store was officially opened, the number of interested users and website traffic of this brand in Vietnam increased significantly. Since then, the information on the page is also more noticeable. In which, the way of translation and transliteration of Apples is a topic of discussion. For example, the tagline that appears right on Apple’s website when users start buying goods in Vietnam is “Store. The best way to buy products you like.” In particular, the word “Shop” is bold, placed before the dot, causing confusion, when there are not enough subjects and predicates. Apple almost translates the original phrase from English, without any adjustments. The same problem also appears on many other Apple publications published in Vietnam. Recently, the company launched a privacy ad on the device, shown on YouTube, TikTok and many TV channels. In it, the ending message of the Vietnamese version of the video is “Privacy. Very iPhone.” Many users consider this to be an obscure cluster of information. At the same time it is not close to the original Privacy text. That’s iPhone (roughly translated: Privacy. It’s iPhone). “OH. Really Pro” or “Pro. Outstanding” is how Apple describes high-end iPhone products in Vietnam in recent years. When compared to Android competitors, which use many fancy phrases such as “Living in the dark”, “Hidden behind the masterpiece”, Apple’s approach is very different. Talking to *Zing*, Ms. Hong Ngoc, a communications specialist, who has experience working with many international technology brands, thinks that Apple’s handling is very strange. Accordingly, product information and brand slogans are often required to be translated into Vietnamese and adjusted and refined in exaggerated language so that readers can easily understand and make an impression on customers. “Apple’s translation is as mechanical as Google Translate”, Ms. Ngoc expressed her opinion. According to Ms. Quynh Nhung, an English teacher in Ho Chi Minh City, when monitoring the information on the Apple Vietnam website, compared with the English version, it is possible to realize the synchronization in elements such as punctuation, punctuation, and sets. bold part. Therefore, these elements can become odd and difficult to understand if read in Vietnamese. However, experts say that this is not a serious problem, because this is mainly advertising text, not focusing on providing information. In addition, Apple’s way of doing things can also arouse users’ curiosity with confusing language. Apple is known as a master in the advertising industry, by making the most of the elements of mystery, creating interest from users. Instead of providing flashy, complicated information, Apples focuses on factors that directly influence purchasing decisions.



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