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A Trader’s Ethics

Do you understand the game you are playing? Do you think you invest or speculate? What does a zero-sum or negative-sum market mean? You guys come to crypto to make a lot of money so do you know why you guys have money? That is, you are selling and buying each other’s beliefs, when believers come here, they will sell and buy and vice versa. Even if you think you’re a long-term investor, I believe everyone is a short-term speculator because you all want a quick price increase to sell, you think you’re a long-term investor, but you have Fud and Panic sell. reacts just like the market, unless you in prison can’t sell. In the long term, maybe you are creating value for society, the project is profiting, you are bogged down, in a way it also means that you are putting money in the pockets of people who have the ability to develop a business. New industry, a new product of mankind. I said maybe because I don’t know where this market is going? And in that way of thinking, in terms of creating new values, this market doesn’t sum to zero, it’s clearly positive bottom. It is true that in the long run it can be positive, but in the short term it is clear that the sum is zero, because the development of a project, of the Crypto industry can not happen in a day or two, but 1 day 2 days you have a profit. To close, it is to have someone lose money for you to close. You gain money, others lose money, that’s why the school has a total of zero. So the question is, is it good if I gain money but others lose money? Is it good if you believe in Karma? Is it ethical to be a trader? As mentioned above, if you want to develop the Crypto industry, you just need to give money to qualified people, if they can do the job, bring revolution to humanity, you get money from that value, and if they don’t. If you can do it, it’s sad but not guilty because it’s your choice. So create a secondary market for you to exchange tokens (trust) with each other for what. In fact, traders still have its value, they make the market vibrant and more known, because they make money, it attracts people to come to money to participate, making the market swell, creating favorable conditions for the market. event for real projects that can raise capital, but not for money, few people are interested in what crypto is. So even though the purpose of the trader is not interested in the development of the crypto industry, but thanks to them, the crypto industry has money, so they also have value. But it’s fine if you don’t know, but if you know that your money is from other people’s pockets, should you be happy? In my opinion, you should not be happy, you can still make money but keep quiet. Basically, you also don’t know specifically who lost money, and when participating in the game, part of you also understand the harshness of the game, so it’s okay to consider it normal. But if you call other people in so you can upload shit on someone’s head, Dm you

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