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After a lot of effort BTC successfully pumped back into the 30k range on Sunday night however when entering the 30k range was rejected very strongly so where is the selling pressure coming from.

The selling pressure to take profit of whales from 1 to 10 million sold on the spot. When coming back to the 30k zone, whales sold 1 lot worth approximately 1 billion spot dollars and the price continued to move sideways around 298 297(h1). Fish can be sold but the price is still moving for a few more hours after that thanks to the effort of long orders increasing a lot around the close 30k range leading to green funding again (h2). Conclusion using derivatives to exit pump. Then just close the derivative and no longer have demand below the price will collapse (h2). Considering the weekly time frame, the fish sold the lot and returned the wallet balance equal to the time it started buying from the 27k(h3) zone. Selling pressure continued to come from the volume of put orders in the first session of May. This will directly affect BTC’s recovery efforts or in other words today BTC will be red due to not receiving the support of option(h4) call. Besides, in the high volume trading session 5/5, options traders are rushing to push the price close to the breakeven area first, then continue to attack close to the expiration date (h5,6). For SPY will open in 3 hours in the resistance area of ​​DARK POOL. $398 million dark pool around the current resistance however the 412 and 413 ranges below will be extremely attractive with a lot of billions attracting the price (h7). In conclusion, the price levels below are extremely attractive for SPY and could bring BTC along. For whales, they imported goods at 27k and sold 30k, so they are expecting the price to be able to re-import lower than 27k. They only re-import when the price is really attractive than last time and now they have sold 1 billion the line between market maker and liquidity provider is very thin the decision is up to you. GOOD LUCK.

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