Thursday, December 7, 2023
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After last week’s update when SPY at 417 was bounced back to 404, BTC from 30 to close to 28k.

After the price of SPY returned to the 404 range 405 received more than $2.5 billion in bets in the darkpool and quickly recovered back to the 412(h1) range dragging BTC from 286 to 298. However, when SPY closed At the door, BTC continued to hunt for liquidity below. What should BTC do when SPY reopens? Currently BTC is in the range of liquidity exhaustion. Pending limit orders are very far from the current price range forcing whales to search for 1 of 2 price ranges (h2,3). For the spot market, it continuously creates huge selling pressure while derivatives are still extremely bullish, indirectly creating conditions for an exit pump(h4). Considering the daily and monthly frames, whales from 1 to 10 million have signs of selling, especially in the weekly frame, which are selling very strongly in turn by day and month (h4,5,6). Most of the returned data is showing a clear bearish trend, however, it is very likely that BTC will only decrease until the end of the week when the stock reopens BTC will rebound with the recovery of SPY when SPY is in a very large range. dark pool from 412 to 416(h8).GOOD LUCK.

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