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3 Hottest AI Crypto Project – The growth of more than 150%

Responding to the heat from ChatGPT, projects with AI elements in the Crypto market are following enthusiastically.

Leading the last bull run is BTC. Especially after the series of avatars created with BTC’s AI were excitedly shared by CZ. Although no name was revealed, the AI ​​Token series still gained momentum and rose to the top.

The most notable is AGIX – Singularity project token that has increased by 700% in the past 1 month. The pioneering project in combining both blockchain and AI, the two most advanced technologies today to provide services, has ICO since 2017.

Next is GRT, the year at the top of the MarketCap rankings. This is an AI application project with the purpose of supporting data queries. Currently, GRT has supported many blockchains such as: Ethereum, Near, Solana. Even layer 2 like Arbitrum or Optimism. There is also an impressive growth of more than 150% in the AI ​​system.

Fetch.AI is the last name in this sasch list. It is not too strange for those who have been exposed to the Crypto market because this is the 2nd project to be IEO on Binance in 2019. Currently, Fetch.AI owns a market capitalization of nearly 300 million USD.



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