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AirTag helps track down $1.1 million stolen

Police tracked the location from an AirTag in a $1.1 million box and arrested two suspects within an hour. According to Chicago state court documents, on May 2, two security guards drove an armored truck containing $ 1.1 million of the bank to 182 Street south of Homewood, Chicago. When they entered the convenience store to buy things, two robbers approached the car. When a security guard returned to the car, he was knocked down. Seven plastic containers containing $700,000 and 10 other bags of money were stolen. The remaining security staff called the police and said that one of the seven plastic containers had attached (AirTag)( Following the real-time updated location data, the police quickly found the whereabouts of the money. The two robbers ran up the highway, circling several towns, making several turns before stopping at a house. In less than an hour, $1.1 million was found. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed that one of the two men was Darrell Singleton, 18, wanted by the FBI for armed robbery last October. The other name is Devonte Davis, 26 years old. Doug Kouns, retired FBI special agent and CEO of security firm Veracity IIR, said: “AirTags were created to find lost items. Apple never advertised they could be used to track stolen items. But certainly many people use AirTag for this purpose”. This is not the first time Apple accessories have helped US police solve crimes. Previously, the FBI had located an armed car robber who stole thousands of dollars based on data sent back from the AirTag mounted on the vehicle. (AirTag)( was introduced by Apple in April 2021. The device connects to iPhone via Bluetooth LE, supports speakerphone, accelerometer, and replaceable battery. The battery can work for one year. The U1 chip helps to provide precise location, creating haptic and acoustic feedback to easily find objects. Users can track all information through the Find My application on iPhone. On April 30, the New York City government announced to give away 500 AirTags for free to people to prevent cars from being stolen. However, this device is also controversial when it becomes a tool to help bad guys invade other people’s private lives. Some crooks also use AirTag to track the victim’s route, plan theft.



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