Friday, February 23, 2024


Surely by now you must all agree with me that the Crypto Market is currently having a cash flow, when BTC is the coin that gets the first cash flow. However, this raises another question, the question that everyone is looking forward to, whether Alt Season has appeared or not? ————————————– Before diving into the above question, we must Look at a very important indicator in the Crypto market: BTC.D Index (*Bitcoin Dominance)* ***What is BTC Dominance?*** BTC Dominance is the percentage of capitalization that BTC has over total capitalization. of the entire Crypto market. BTC.D shows how much users are pouring into BTC compared to the total amount pouring into the market. Currently BTC.D is at a very important extreme resistance level, approaching the 48% zone. ***Extreme resistance level 48% BTC.D*** In the past, every time BTC.D touched this area, there were a number of Altcoins flying to the roof during this time. July 2021: Trend Ethereum Killer with names like $SOL, $LUNA, $AVAX, $FTM,.. October 2021: Trend Coin “dog” with $SHIB, $SAMO, Trend Metaverse with $MANA, $SAND,.. Jun 2022: “The Merge” event with $ETH, $ETC, $OP,.. ***Ethth phase difference*** In the recent time, when BTC sideway somewhere in the 26k8 – 28k6 region, we can see a few days where ETH moves out of phase with BTC. Specifically, the phase difference here, *in terms of % amplitude,* is that when the market is up, ETH increases more strongly than BTC. When the market falls, ETH falls with BTC or less. Or when the market is sideways, ETH always outperforms BTC. This only appeared in about 2 weeks, specifically after March 22. Perhaps this phase difference is implying that the money flow of BTC is being gradually shifted to ETH. We can also see an increasing number of coins that produce 100% – 200% performance, such as $SXP, $ICX, ​​$ZRX, $LINA,… So according to My personal opinion, I think Alt Season has already appeared. *True or false, let time tell.*

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