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Altcoin cycle 2021

In this article, I have studied the projects that have made waves in the previous cycle and analyzed the factors that have made the projects from breakthrough M$ in growth to B$ projects. The article may have many shortcomings, hope everyone can contribute and discuss more. 2021 is a boom time for the crypto market in general and for altcoins in particular, the peak has already been *1.1T$* poured into altcoins. The crazy growth projects of the 2021 cycle come from: ## **Ecosystem of Big Brains:** * Launchpad Binance** **(AXS, Sand, Matic, One,…) and ecosystem BSC (Cake, Bake, XVS). ( * Coinlist with KDA , SOL, NEAR, OCEAN,… * Justin Sun – TRX, WIN, BTT, JST * Curly SAM – FTT, SOL, SRM, RAY * Godfather Defi Andre Conje – Famous projects: FTM, YFI , KP3R. * etc ## **The arrays tend to pump strongly:** The 2017 season is mostly coins that deal with the need for cross-border payments like XRP, XLM, LTC or good security like XMR, Dash. Although the technology factor is not much, it is highly practical, used by many traditional companies. By 2021, the coins that increase strongly are in important areas, focusing on technology and innovation such as **L1** (EGLD, FTM, AVAX, NEAR,…), **L2** ( MATIC, CTSI), **Defi **(MKR, COMP, SNX, AAVE,…), **Oracle** (Link, Band),… Or trend-following tokens like Safemoon, **P2E** (AXS, ILV, GALA) or **Metaverse** (MANA, SAND, ENJ, RACA), **M2E** – GMT both welcome the east wind and indispensable **MEME** coin (Doge, Shiba, Floki,…). ## **Features of the above projects:** * Most of the projects are launched in **2019, 2020.** * They all start from the low cap and the wave runs to the top, then they enter the topcoin of value B $. * Many coins range 40-50% to 3-4 months before pumping strongly. * The coins that follow the regular build technology have a good buy-demand mechanism, and the supply side (uncontrolled token) is small. * The new trending and hst tokens have a good story of attracting money flow and meeting good times. * The project team and the fund have a vision, experience, and a wide network to go with the project. ## **Tips holding altcoins with great growth potential:** When BTC breaks ATH, BTC.D down ~30% 2-3 months will signal a big Alt season * Projects in the pool can wait signals such as breakout, turning to an uptrend to consider buying. * **ATH ROI <500%** -> suitable to expect new ATH. * It will not be possible to know where the top is so can leave a part for **moon bag.** * Uptrend will usually have 2 big waves for altcoins and will have leading lines -> Can hit **flip* * to optimize profits. * Timing in more capital, good news but unfortunately bad market. * In an uptrend, it usually flies fast, the rally is less supportive to buy. * The top usually has strong receding beard and goes sideways to keep liquidity. * Uptrend volatility will be strong, so a /2/3 adjustment is normal, but the pump will compensate. * Peaks are usually not at peak vol. Perhaps it is necessary to find out who will be the quality sponsor for next season’s projects and what problems will need to be solved next when the basic elements of technology have been established. In order for projects to be pumped hundreds or thousands of times like Sol, Matic, Ftm, there was a time when these projects were divided up to several times. The crypto market changes every day, so wanting to diamond hand good projects requires investors to update market trends regularly, select and monitor projects with strong intrinsic strength and consistency. , the investment will yield a worthy return.

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