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Amazing at the folding Bphone model from China: Many features that iPhone and Android do not have, the price is “unbelievable”

# ** Surprised at the folding Bphone model from China: Many features that iPhone and Android do not have, the price is “unbelievable”** **Giving a “huge” price, the seller said he would keep Return the phone to collect if no one buys it.** Recently, a social media user with the nickname Vien Man, also a merchant specializing in mobile phones from China, posted an article for sale ” Bphone”. The special feature of this Bphone lies in the fact that it is not the Bphone of BKAV and CEO Nguyen Tu Quang that we know, instead, it is a product from China and has been launched since 2010. The product is not popular, so there is not much information about this Bphone. It is not even possible to determine who the “father” of this machine is. Some sources from 2010 said that the manufacturer of Bphone is ChinaGrabber, but this is actually a website selling electronic products from China (similar to AliExpress), and now this unit has also stopped working. . Therefore, the true origin of this Bphone is still a mystery. According to information published by many news sites in 2010, Bphone is equipped with a Marvell PXA310 Xscale chip with a clock speed of 624Mhz, 128MB RAM, 256MB internal memory. This configuration did not stand out from competitors at that time like iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S, especially in terms of internal memory capacity. In return, the device supports a large SD card slot, a feature that no iPhone or Android has. In terms of connectivity, the device supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, GPS and of course GSM/GPRS. Bphone’s screen has a size of 5 inches, a resolution of 800×480. The highlight of this screen is the folding design, revealing the QWERTY keyboard and input tool very similar to the trackball on BlackBerry devices. Not stopping there, Bphone’s screen can also rotate 180 degrees, making it a device with a very unique design. This is also the outstanding point of Bphone compared to iPhone or Android models. Another special feature of Bphone lies in the operating system. Instead of running Android, Bphone runs a customized version of Linux with a rather strange interface and seems to be optimized as a pocket computer (PDA) instead of a phone. At the time of launch, Bphone was priced at 570 USD. Although it is 13 years old and almost useless at the moment, Bphone is still for sale for 5.2 million dong – probably just because this machine has the same name as BKAV’s controversial phone model. *”If no one buys, I will keep it as a heirloom museum”*, the seller said.



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