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Android 14 makes finding smartphones easier

# **Android 14 makes it easier to find smartphones** ## Google has started rolling out the first beta versions of Android 14 to help users grasp the promised improvements to this version . According to *Blazetrends*, one of the first interesting new features on Android 14 is the appearance of the ability to locate a lost smartphone even when it is turned off. This clue is based on the source code of the next Android operating system, indicating that Google is improving the location method for smartphones running Android 14. Based on the collected data, the smartphone will store Finger Network keys in the connection. Their Bluetooth. The advantage of this method is that the keys are still available even if the smartphone is turned off on purpose or due to low battery. This approach has been used by Apple for quite some time, and it looks like Google will eventually follow suit. This will greatly help users as they have less headache if they lose their phone. In particular, Google is said to have shared this code with its partners, which means the new feature can be shipped to any Android smartphone maker without necessarily being limited to Pixel phones. It is still unclear how the new feature will be implemented specifically, whether it will be limited to the official version of Android 14 at release or will be extended to older versions of Android. Either way, it’s definitely the functionality that many users have been waiting for. However, the details of how it works are still a mystery and will only be revealed when Google makes them public.



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