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Android is coming soon a feature that has been on the iPhone for 14 years

## **Google is developing a feature to locate your phone when you lose or lose your Android smartphone, similar to Find My on iPhone.** Normally, if Android users lose their phone and turn it off, they usually don’t. can locate your device. Although there are many ways to find the location of Android smartphones, none of them work when the device is powered off. The only thing that the user knows is the last location before shutdown. However, according to *Android Authority*, this inconvenience will soon change in the near future. A source from programmer Kuba Wojciechowski shared with *91Mobiles* has just revealed that Google is working on Find My Device technology, which locates Android phones even when the phone is powered off. This feature is similar to Find My on iOS. According to the source, the hardware of Bluetooth technology in each smartphone will still work even when the power is turned off. When combined with ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, Google servers will pin the device’s location with extreme accuracy even when the device is turned off. According to* 91Mobiles*, the Find My Device feature has been revealed since December 2022. At that time, this was a feature of locating lost Android phones, lost when there was no Internet. The feature is slated to be called Pixel Power-off Finder and appear on all Google products. The tech giant also wants to build a vast network of Android devices and develop navigation devices like Apple’s AirTags. If this plan becomes a reality, the device hardware will have to work with the Bluetooth transmitter at all times. There are no details yet on which devices will support this technology. However, *Android Authority* expects the Google Pixel 8 to be the first product line equipped with the feature, and then it will be popularized to other Android devices over time. Previously, Google was said to be hatching a device project that directly competes with Apple’s AirTags with the code name “grogu”. The device has speakers, UWB compatibility, and Bluetooth LE support. UWB, a radio technology that can determine the physical location of an object, has been built into the Pixel 6 Pro, 7 Pro, and other high-end Android devices. Therefore, *Android Authority* expects Google to accelerate the development of Find My Device this year to be compatible with hardware devices. Esper expert Mishaal Rahman also pointed to an indication of a Bluetooth tracking device, similar to the AirTag. It’s the “locator tag” option that appears in Google’s third-party Fast Pair developer. Fast Pair is Google’s API for the device to quickly detect and pair with other nearby Bluetooth devices, displaying a notification window on the home screen instead of having to go to the settings menu.



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