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App on Android is about to be as smooth as iOS

# **App on Android is about to be as smooth as iOS** **Smoothness on Android is affected by transition effects, because it has to be designed on many different smartphone lines. A new feature is coming soon that may fix this problem.** Animations and transitions on iPhone are the ones that directly affect the user experience. For many years, high-end applications often appeared on iOS first, even some apps were developed only as iPhone-specific products. On top of that, Apple often makes it easier for developers to add animations. The operating system is built for certain screen sizes only and has a separate processor, making it easy to optimize animations and app experience. In contrast, Android runs on hundreds of different device lines, screen sizes, and operating system versions, making it difficult for developers to optimize app animations. Now, Android 14 can bring a more obvious improvement when it comes to animation design thanks to the new navigation system. Instead of assigning the work to individual app developers like Apple, Google will provide effect simulations to make it easier to design effects on each app. According to *Android Police*, this will allow developers and users to quickly see the screen they are about to navigate. It appeared in Android 14 Beta 2 and just turned on in developer options. Depending on the transition, the new Android feature could create a more unified experience, while remaining personal across different apps. The only problem with this system is that it only works on a selected application basis. According to author Manuel Vonau of *Android Police*, users using other operating systems always feel annoyed because many applications are not available on the Play Store. In addition, iPhone apps feel smooth to operate, something that Android has not yet provided to customers well. Author Vonau thinks that using iPhone is like a smooth and complete experience. He took the example of Netflix, an application that demonstrates the difference between iOS and Android. Using Netflix on iPhone has smooth animations, a natural user experience every time users swipe to select a movie or return to the home page. Besides, some applications that need to optimize effects such as Google Maps, WhatsApp or Youtube also work better on iOS. However, with the new feature, users expect animation on Android to soon catch up with iOS. Android app design has come a long way since the launch of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011. In particular, Google deserves credit for taking design seriously on its mobile platform. However, for the latest smartphones, the company still has a lot of work to do, especially tweaking the animations in the app.



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