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Appear tool to unlock iPhone remotely in Vietnam

**Security layer, remote locking via iPhone’s iCloud account is no longer safe when there are many tools that can disable this solution.** Many iOS security holes are being exploited by hackers. Recently, in the world of iPhone repair services in Vietnam, a new tool has appeared, capable of disabling Apple’s remote lock feature. The method of performing this procedure is increasingly simple, the waiting time is short. According to iPhone repair experts, this application creates a simple tool to jailbreak iCloud on Apple phones. This is also a danger as stolen iPhones can be exploited more easily ## Unlock iCloud in just 30 minutes Currently, there are many channels to perform this trick. According to the introduction of a longtime iPhone repairman, on the anonymous messaging application, there are many accounts that provide services for professionals. This is side guide, support tool to unlock. At the same time, these people charge a fee for each Apple device that “turns off” iCloud. Specifically, disabling Apple’s remote management account is done through a software called Read**** Tool, which can be run on Windows computers and MacBooks. The mechanic needs to check the IMEI number and send this information and the machine code to the unlocking server. The next step, they connect the device with the Read**** Tool software, do a few more operations to remove the iCloud account from the device. Usually, the service side announces the time for the iPhone to be unlocked at about 30 minutes. While previous services need many hours to perform. In addition, the core of this trick is the step of unlocking IMEI through the server. The implementation principle, how the IMEI code is opened is still a secret of the supplier. With each iPhone, the tenant has to pay a large amount in advance to “run” the IMEI number. According to the price list provided, the implementation cost is based on the value, model of Apple device. For example, to open an iCloud-locked iPhone 7, users need to pay 1.1 million dong. Meanwhile, the price for the above service, the iPhone 14 Pro Max line needs an amount of 9.5 million VND. The service provider sets the cost at about 1/3 of the machine’s value. In addition to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch can also be unlocked iCloud, after being disabled remotely, with the same method. MacBooks are also supported, but opening times are longer, taking 1-5 days. This tool has some limitations on lock models (network lock) or iPhone models from China (CN code), not applicable. ## Many tools to unlock stolen iPhone In September 2022, this unlocking tool first appeared. At that time, local repairmen used software called Fl***hub. Self-running tool to wipe the old iCloud account on the device. Once done, users just need to restart the device to activate and use it like a normal iPhone. “For security, Apple stores information about iCloud accounts in a special format, in a highly secure partition. In my opinion, this tool has been able to exploit that partition to get machine information and log out of the administrative account”, said Mr. TM, a mobile technician in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, judging how Fl* **hub works to unlock iPhone. The limitation of this solution is unstable operation, taking more time than the new Read**** Tool appeared. Remote locking through iCloud is one of the most difficult to bypass security methods. Therefore, users who have their iPhone stolen can use this function to prevent crooks from exploiting the device. iPhones from stolen sources are often “disassembled” of internal components for retail if iCloud cannot be opened. The existence of a tool to make it easier to unlock an iPhone could make theft more likely. “When the iPhone with iCloud is unlocked, the device will be sold for a higher price than dismantling the components. As a result, it may increase the risk of expensive phone thefts”, a representative of Vui Phone told* Zing.* Users who unfortunately forget their lock screen password or iCloud password may be able to ask Apple to intervene, unlock. Customers need to provide full invoices, proof that they are the device owners. Once confirmed by the company’s service center or remote support, the device will be unlocked.



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