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Apple boss pointed out the “should quit” habit that many iPhone users are having!

# **Apple boss points out the “should quit” habit that many iPhone users are suffering from!** **Many iPhone users think that this habit helps save battery but is completely wrong.** According to TechRadar, many iPhone users have a habit of shutting down all unused applications in the multitasking screen, the reason given is that this action helps the device run smoother and save battery power. However, in reality, this method is not as effective as expected, even causing the phone to drain more battery. ## **iPhone has a good ability to manage applications running in the background** Many people are used to closing applications running in the background, especially on computer operating systems like macOS or Windows. On these platforms, any software running in the background (still open even when not in use) consumes some CPU or RAM to maintain. Experts advise users to turn off unnecessary programs to ensure better computer performance. That’s not wrong, but that’s for Windows or macOS. On the iPhone, the story is completely different. When the user switches to another application, the previous application will enter the standby mode and become inactive. In 2016, when asked by users whether to regularly turn off apps on iPhone to save battery power, Craig Federighi, Apple’s Vice President of Software Engineering, said this is not necessary. Apple itself also states on its website that: “Users should only close the application completely in case the application encounters an unresponsive error.” This means that the application is faulty and cannot be used normally. At this point, users should completely shut down and reopen for the application to work properly. Former Apple technician Scotty Loveless said the iPhone will close apps on its own if it needs more memory. In case the user actively closes the application and then reopens it, the iPhone will operate slower and consume more battery because the device needs more CPU, RAM and battery to launch the application properly. This is even more serious if applied to frequently used applications. However, there are also exceptions. Sometimes apps running in the background can run smoothly and can cause unexpected battery drain. If there is any software that is consuming resources, users can check the details in the Battery section (Battery) in the device’s settings. In this case, do not force close the application, but select the “Disable App Refresh” feature (Background App Refresh) in Settings (Settings).



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