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Apple brings professional editing and music apps to iPad

# **Apple brings professional music and video editing apps to iPad** **After 5 years since the introduction of the iPad Pro model with a rounded screen, promised to be a compact content creation tool, Apple finally brought Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to iPad.** Both video and music editing tools will cost $4.99/month or $49/year, starting May 23. Apple says both apps will be free to try for a month. For comparison, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on Mac cost $299.99 and $199.99 respectively and come as a one-time purchase. The apps will come with iPad-specific enhancements. For example, Final Cut Pro will have a new navigation ring feature that makes it easier for users to interact with the timeline and move clips on the iPad’s touch interface. With the launch of a new application, Apple clearly shows its ambition to enrich the app for professional users on iPad. Adobe is currently only bringing a stripped-down version of Premiere Rush to iPadOS, while BlackMagic’s Davinci Resolve is also limited to iPad models that don’t use the M1 chip. Final Cut Pro only works on iPad Pro, iPad Air using M1 chip. or later, while Logic Pro is more broadly compatible, only requiring the A12 Bionic chip or higher. ## iPad-specific features A new feature called Live Drawing lets you use Apple Pencil to draw and write directly on top of video content. On iPad Pro with the M2 chip, users can use Apple Pencil’s air-pointing feature to scroll through and preview footage without having to touch the screen. In the product introduction video, Apple spends a lot of time focusing on the strengths of the tablet, portability and quick operation. Final Cut Pro on tablets allows high-quality video capture, manual control of settings such as focus, exposure, and white balance, and direct import into the project being edited. Features like Scene Removal Mask help remove or replace background without using green screen, Auto Crop adjusts footage to vertical, square, and other aspect ratios. The app also comes with a library of graphics, effects, and sounds, including HDR backgrounds, animations, and soundtracks that automatically adjust to the length of the video. “Content creators can capture, edit, and publish from a single device while in the field, and can shoot ProRes on iPad Pro M2,” according to Apple’s press release. Logic Pro on iPad also comes with a number of touch-friendly features, allowing users to multi-tap to play virtual instruments and interact with the controls. The app also features a new audio browser, which uses “dynamic filters” to help users discover different types of sounds depending on the end product’s requirements, whether instrument, sample, or loop. ## Mac Version and Peripheral Compatibility In addition, Apple is introducing a time and pitch transform plug-in for Logic Pro called Beat Breaker, which allows swipe and pinch gestures to ” reshaping and shuffling the sound”. This app is also Apple Pencil compatible. Apple notes that users can pair apps with the Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio to use keyboard commands, and can move projects between Logic Pro on Mac and on iPad. “We are excited to introduce Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, allowing creators to unleash their creativity in new, more mobile ways,” said Bob Borchers, vice president of global product marketing at Apple Inc. Bringing Final Cut Pro to iPad allows Apple to compete directly with popular video editing tool Davinci Resolve, which released an iPad-optimized app last year, Apple said. a free version or a more premium paid version for a one-time purchase of $94.99.



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