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Apple change the color of the Apple Watch band with an app

Apple has patented an Apple Watch strap that can change colors by choosing from the app

According to 9to5mac, the patent even describes a new generation of Apple Watch. Apple Watch bands that can display icons, images, and text and use band color changes to indicate Notification. The patent content describes a strap with components from materials that can change color and opacity. A small electric current passed through can change color and opacity.

This material is not too strange. Their most common examples are auto-dimming rearview mirrors in cars or large glass panels in meeting rooms. Usually, they will have a light sensor to sense if the intensity of the sun is too strong. This sensor will trigger an electric current to dim the glass.

Different colors display in a material using the same technology. By selectively activating the different electrochromic sections in a band. It is controlled like a dot-matrix display to display symbols, letters, or numbers.

The Apple patent illustrates this idea with a three-stripe design on the body of the Apple Watch band. Independently controlled the color of each stripe. Apple will be able to realize them by interweaving electrochromic elements into a fabric.

Apple describes that users can now physically change the strap. Its new invention will eliminate the need to own multiple different bands and save the effort of changing them. The illustration shows an app on the Apple Watch used to select colors and styles.



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