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Apple considers adding a touch screen to the AirPods charging case

# **Apple considers adding a touch screen to the AirPods charging case** ## Patent content filed by Apple with the US Patent and Trademark Office shows that Apple can bring some useful functions Useful for AirPods charging case. According to *Neowin*, the patent titled “Graphical User Interface Devices, Methods, and Interactions with Headset Case” was filed by Apple last September. The content shows that AirPods users not only have the ability to control their wireless headphones through the touch screen, but can also allow AirPods owners to control Apple Music using an on-screen graphical user interface. sensor of the charging box. Touching and swiping the screen can help users control volume, play certain songs, activate Siri… Squeezing the cover can help users switch between active noise cancellation and piercing modes minus. Apple Pencil can also be used to interact with the touchscreen. The haptic output improves the user experience and can alert the user to an impending event. The illustration in the patent application shows how the case can interact with iOS apps such as Apple Music, Apple TV+, Messages, Maps, Weather, etc. For example, the user will hear the direction of each direction. turn from Maps via AirPods, messages will be read to the user via AirPods as well as weather forecasts, streaming video content, phone calls, etc. However, the patent application as well as the Granted patents do not guarantee that Apple plans to use this technology. Instead, this is how the company is looking to protect its ideas.



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