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Apple cooks up an iPhone model that might scare Samsung

# **Apple cooks up an iPhone model that could scare Samsung** **Apple is said to be pushing ahead with the development of an iPhone that continues to break technological boundaries.** *DigiTimes* citing supply chain sources Apple is planning to develop an iPhone model equipped with MicroLED – a screen technology that is expected to help the screen have higher brightness, reduce power consumption, improve contrast ratio and come many other benefits over current OLED displays. According to the source, Apple Watch Ultra 2 will become the first device equipped with microLED screen technology. Next, the microLED screen will be brought to a series of products such as iPhone and iPad by Apple. “After Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple will introduce iPhones and iPads equipped with MicroLED screens. Some supply chain sources predict that Apple Watch Ultra will no longer use OLED screens by the end of 2024 or 2025 and replace replaced by a microLED screen developed by Apple itself”, a source from *DigiTimes* said. A report by the MicroLED Industry Association believes that Apple’s aim is to slowly and steadily apply microLED screens to its devices. Apple has invested in the research and development of microLED panels for many years in the hope of being able to replace OLED panels, which are dependent on nearly 70% of Samsung and its partners. A previous Bloomberg report said similar information that Apple will start using its own custom display panels on mobile devices in 2024. This is an effort to reduce dependence into external partners like Samsung or LG, a strategy that Apple is increasingly expanding with components in its mobile devices. Apple will start with the production of microLED screen panels, to equip the most advanced Apple Watch versions in 2024. That means the current OLED screen on the Apple Watch will be replaced. Next, Apple will have a plan to manufacture screen panels for its iPhone models. Apple’s transition has been going on for years. Starting in 2018, Bloomberg has reported that Apple will design and manufacture screen panels for the Apple Watch itself. This move could deal a blow to Samsung Display and LG Display, the two main display panel suppliers for Apple today. According to the Korea Information Technology Development Institute (IITP), Apple can become a big name in the panel and display manufacturing industry. However, in the next few years, at least 60% of the screens of Apple products will still come from Korean manufacturers.



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