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Apple forces users to update iOS automatically by default

## The iOS 16.4 (and iPadOS 16.4) software update that Apple has just released to compatible iPhones comes with a change regarding the way updates are downloaded and installed on the device. According to BGR, iOS 16.4 will force iPhone users to download updates automatically by default instead of manually as before. This is said to be an encouraging change from Apple as it will significantly improve the overall experience as well as security for the iPhone. By forcing users to update their iPhones, Apple will make sure most people run the latest versions of iOS. But more importantly, devices will always be running the latest security updates, which are usually rolled out in the middle of a major iOS update release cycle. Prior to iOS 16.4, iOS update installation was manual by default, meaning users could have their iPhones automatically download and install the latest updates when it was convenient. But with iOS 16.4, the choice has changed when automatic updates will be enabled. When clicking on the Automatic Update menu of the update settings section on iPhone, users will now see three submenu toggle buttons, including Download iOS Update, Install iOS Updates and Security Responses & System Files. The recommendations say users should enable all three options, because then iPhone will download the latest iOS version when available and install it overnight if the phone is connected to Wi-Fi and charging . Security patches will be installed as they become available, and users may have to restart their phones to complete the update process. Some hardcore iPhone users may not like Apple’s decision to enable iPhone updates by default. In this case, users can turn off all update options that Apple provides, but it is recommended that these users leave the Security Responses & System Files option enabled.



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